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Hello all!

I know that it’s been a while since I’ve posted on this website, yet, it has been great to see that many people, new and old have still been active in the comments on some of the most popular posts.

Where have I been?

I have still been here, replying to the comments. But 2011 was a year where the community unexpectedly expanded and went viral. Yet, in a slightly different direction to unique muscle building. It started from a Facebook fan page to a creation of a website/ebooks based on what made it popular. Which is to help men and women become strong, lean and sexy. Which is now stayfitbuzz.com.

I had to change the name for various reasons, but that’s all OK now.


I have noticed that there has been an increase in comment activity on some popular posts. In fact, some of these posts were popular from the get-go, which have now received tons of comments since. Such as the art of butt building. I knew the demand for this would be high and I did want to create a product based around that problem.

Well, fast forward to 2012, wanting to fix the butt is still a problem. But the issue is more than just wanting to build a better butt. It’s about solving the problem of how to really build a butt ‘differently’ to what the masses are ‘teaching’. What they are teaching is typically great for fun (which is important). But a lot of those methods won’t give you the results that you desire. And this is why I created the fan requested

No Nonsense Butt Building ebook

Which is now a full blown program that is still being upgraded as the months go by. The best part about the creation of this ebook, is that many FitBuzzers achieved results very quickly. Even with the sample program that I give when you sign up for the info before buying the full program. The progress pictures can be seen here and here.

So if fixing your butt is something that you’ve been wanting to do, in an absolutely no nonsense way, then that is the ebook to check out

Going forward

If you have previously signed up for the email updates on THIS website, then none of what I mentioned here will be of news to you. I’ll still be active on this website and I’ll inform you of more updates to come. But in the mean time, just rest assured that ‘Fit Buzz’ muscle building is still alive and a part of the brand. Just a separate segment of it.


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