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People of S-curve world…
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Digging even deeper (S-curve member partner program) 
It’s old news… That we’ve become an S-curve Xperience.
You know… Like when you go to a theme park/fun fair for free. But spend money on the awesome things that you see. Like rides, games and souvenirs.
So… In S-curve world. That means you might stumble upon…
– An interesting supplement
– A T-shirt that catches your eye
– An item on Amazon or elsewhere… That we’ve highlighted on this website.
– Or just some other awesome thing you’ve seen around throughout our posts.
But our biggest goal of all… Is to improve the quality of your day to day life and what that looks like.
And for the ladies in S-curve world… Variations that might look like…
Guys… You usually just tag along :D. Show me otherwise and you’ll end up there too ^^.
Following all that is posted via these newsletters and social media, will help with that goal. A long with the goodies I mentioned above.
And the other way… Is by boosting your network of people, connections and your income.
The posts/newsletters above… Focused a lot on people and connections. And improving the quality of that in your life.
Today… We’re going to focus on the stuff that makes the business minded S-curve partners… Money.
Just the stuff we’re really active on behind the scenes, at present.

Investing and trading on Binance.com

The no.1 reason why we exist on there… Isn’t because of finance. Or the beautiful things that may end up happening within the cryptocurrency/blockchain world,
It’s because… It’s early days.
I’ve been in the industry of all things internet, since 1999. And more officially. Since 2005.
Officially… Meaning a business that started earning a significant amount of ‘job replacing’ income.
Let’s look at some industries that grew. That I said would grow (At the early stages… At that time). Because taking action then… Would have put you light years ahead of many people
– 2005 – Blogging – Was able to write text only articles and have them earn a passive income. All from search engine traffic and ad revenue.
– (2020) – Way too many blogs exist, for it to even make sense starting one (For most people). 
– 2007 – Social media websites – ”You’re on there a lot dude… You have time on your hands”…
– (2020) – Almost every (Popular) channel is saturated. You can still win. But it’s become a lot harder to do so. And new channels get flooded quickly.
(Looks at Tiktok’s crazy growth)…

#travel-curvish 2.0 Bringing in the #newyearAND #decade#2020? vicky__way eujessicadourado #brazil

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(Yea… Follow the S-curve Xperience there too)
As there’s more people on the internet today (About 5 billion), compared to 2005-2007.
Cryptocurrency and blockchain isn’t totally new. But there’s certainly more room to grow.
A lot of the time.. People are aware of industries that present a lot of ‘current day’ opportunity.
People tend to wait around (Until it’s ‘safe’ to enter). The whole ‘I’ll start it tomorrow’.
Just like the people who could have been successful S-curve members. And are STILL failing today!
Then one day… They wake up… See everyone around them seizing said opportunities.
And by that point… It’s too late. Opportunity is gone.
And that’s why there’s a focus on getting a lot of you into that website/industry.
Because the earning potential is easy right now.
The no.2 reason why we’re focusing on it.
Is because earning this way…. Is highly connected with the lifestyle that is… The S-curve Xperience.
I’ve been embracing what that is, for 2-3 years now.
Here’s what it looks like…
– Invest some money.
– Trade it up or let it grow.
– At present… Send those funds to > Coins.ph (Travelling around Asia).
– Send (card-less) cash withdrawals to an ATM or a store, local to where I am.
And I’ll tell you now… It’s an awesome thing to embrace.
A lot of the time. The ATM is 2 minutes away from wherever I stay.
THAT… Is partly how you get to live a daily/weekly lifestyle that looks like this…
It’s all 100% real. Just… Some people are living it at a higher level than others.
Aka… Some variation of the S-curve Xperience.
Whatever level you’re comfortable with, is OK.

Getting YOU to build a team of people/businesses that will help sell YOUR products

At the end of 2018… We saw a growing number of our followers/S-curve members, start small businesses.
Two people that come to mind…
– Diane… Who sells wall art/art
View this post on Instagram

A post shared by livelovecarnival (@livelovecarnival) on

– Aracely – Who sells scented candles (Sniff… Sniff…)

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by @celsalhome on

Starting a business… Is/can be hard. But it’s worth it, once you move out of the start-up phase.
Starting is hard… And you’ll need help, without access to investors or unlimited capital/resources. 
And that’s where we come in.
We’ve built up a following and network, over a 10 year time period. Us… Posting YOU. That gives you free exposure to new eyeballs.
You’re getting free eye balls from us, because…
1. You look 60-100% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish
2. Are already living some variation of the S-curve Xperience
3. Are helping to bring in more people into the S-curve Xperience
4. Maybe we jus have a great relationship with each other. And there’s A LOT of those within the Xperience.
One way that will help you grow your business. Is by getting your audience/partners. To help sell your products/services.
You can help them, help you do that. Buy using a system > like this…
Post affiliate pro
Post affiliate pro
Once you have it up and running. You get your people to log into the member area on the websites.
In there… They’ll have access to all the tools they’ll need. To start offering YOUR products/services, to an audience of people YOU know… Wants/needs it.
If you have a ‘fashion’ brand (For example). And you use Post Affiliate Pro.
Then WE (Stayfitbug.com) can help you sell more of those items.
It’s all about connecting the dots. Matching all of our people with awesome stuff, that we KNOW they will like.
In regards to fashion. Just scan our entire Insta feed to get an idea.
Like what was highlighted in these 2 posts…
An EPIC list of the absolute WORST fitness tips (S-curve world)
The garments compliment an S-curve physique. Men and women.

Getting your followers to embrace the S-curve formula food and supplement ‘ways’.

The above scenario… Is exactly what played out with us… And our current supplement partners.
And it’s worked well for years!
The reason why it works… Is because those supplements are a good fit for the S-curve world people, brand/message.
Like with Leanbean…
Lean bean review
You see this post…
Leanbean Fat burner review from the folks at Stay-Fit Bug 
It was written by the LeanBean team (Not me… Shaun Sinclair).
That post shows, that they understand the brand/message… That lives throughout the S-curve Xperience.
A message… Which is the back bone of our existence. And why > you are even here.
And today… Because of that relationship (Depending on what kind of following you have).
It’s easy for you to become a part of the team too.
You just sign up below…
Additional Information
And once you’re in. You can for example, have products placed, somewhere via the links in your bio/website(s).
Which of course… You’ll receive commissions from, when items are sold.
That is what the process looks like… When you build a team of people to help sell your products/services.
And wether you have a business or not. The main resource that you have, to start with… Is us… Introducing YOU to everyone in our world… For free… Consistently.
1. You look S-curvish
2. Are living some variation of the Xperience
3. Are helping to bring in more people into the S-curve Xperience
4. Have a great natural relationship with us.

To conclude

So… That’s what’s actually going on behind the scenes. And will always remain behind the scenes.
Getting started with all the above. Is about getting yourself into the DM’s.
And… By starting as an official S-curve member 
It’s how a lot of people ended up getting more ‘involved’. A deeper level of involvement… Which is partly why there is more success with these individuals. 
Which means… 121 coaching chats. And just ‘chat’ overall… On a deeper level, than what happens on public social media.
> Viber (09279345957)
Which means… Becoming an S-curve member today. Is more about improving your education, lifestyle and income.
Becoming S-curvish….
'Soft lean' S-curvish @vitoriagomes
‘Soft lean’ S-curvish @vitoriagomes
Is now a bonus. Not the be all and end all.
So if talking/acting on a deeper level about these things interests you. Then that should be the reason why you become an S-curve member today.

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