What was I fudging thinking?!

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Buzzers… #TGIF…
Newsletter = Ingredients
S-curve formula = Recipe

Newsletter = How to do
S-curve formula = ‘What to do’ with the ‘how to do’

What I’m doing there… Is throwing a few ‘mindset fixes’ at you. In terms of getting physical results.

@ #getsimplified.

That’s the kind of thing that happens in all areas, over the long term. Via our chats/your member page.

Seriously… Just little changes to the way you think. Which in turn makes you think…

”What on earth was I fudging thinking before”

This can, and will probably happen to you in other areas of your life too. You know… Like that person you once dated… AND made your partner.

Others may have told you at the time…

”What the fudge are you thinking”

But it wasn’t until much later, that YOU realised…

”What the fudge was I thinking”


And we don’t seem to forget those moments in a hurry either.

Some of my own moments like that, were ‘career defining’ moments. Like > yesterday… I highlighted my background in the tech world (I’m half way in it these days).

But in the early days, I was just ‘pushing things along’.

It wasn’t until I started working with more established business owners (At that time), until I realised that I was doing something’s all wrong.

In short… They had smooth systems in place, that I had no experience implementing (At that time).

Some of that has rubbed off, on what you see in the current state of the S-curve formula.

You already know that it’s been built up and improved upon over several years. All LIVE and in the moment via this newsletter. Which had to happen.. As everything in there, is designed to make things ‘easy’.

Which goes back to the first two things that I said at the start of this newsletter.

#1 Some people don’t know where or how to start.

= We always know… By learning everything about you, where you’ve been and where you want/need to go (Which happens in the first month).

#2 Some people don’t know how to control their emotions along the way.

= Especially when life is throwing fire after fire at you. At which point, you just quit @ trying to put them  out.

That’s what the 121 FB messenger coaching chats are for. It’s 24/7. Which means you can open a chat whenever you feel like it.


It doesn’t matter what it is that you want to accomplish in your life. To achieve it, you’ll need help along the way.

And I’ll happy take up the role of guiding you along in this lifestyle aka S-curve experience.

@ currently eyeing up the next > Travel-curvish 2.0 trip to keep you on your toes.

But for this weekend. I’ll be doing a nutrition focused ONLY weekend @ S-curve formula shenanigans.
I’m always updating LIVE and in the moment on FB. So add below to see. And > More buzz for daily updates.


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