What Makes a Whey Protein Powder the Best?

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If you’ve decided to invest in a whey protein powder, the next (and more confusing) step is to choose which one is right for you. You somehow need to retain the power to differentiate between the whey protein brands that actually work, or just have a pretty damn good marketing campaign. A word of advice to start with, don’t go into those bodybuilding forums that litter the web as these are full of liars and often people that work for the company selling the whye protein themselves. So, in a world where the internet is full of lies (who knew?) then what should you be looking for?

Safe ingredients

Fitness expert Kevin Neeld at www.askmen.com suggests that ‘one of the major problems with supplements is that they aren’t regulated. Quite simply, this means that your supplements may not contain what the wrapper says they do.’ Therefore it’s really important to ensure that the product you’re about to pump into your body is NCAA compliant. If you have received your whey protein from the local tank at the gym in a brown paper bag, throw it away before it turns your organs into cement.


It might seem a bit of a weak point to consider, but here’s something to help you. Think about adding a dry cup of flour into your morning glass of water. Not so appealing? Taste is important not only for obvious reasons like pleasure of the product, but to also ensure you actually stick with it and use it regularly. Aka, if it tastes horrific, you’re probably not going to mix it up into your daily routine. Look for brands such as www.lamuscle.com who offer whey protein powder in a range of tempting flavours, such as chocolate, banana and vanilla. You have to keep drinking these whey protein supplements after a workout remember, so be sure to buy a product that tastes nice and will have you coming back for more.

Carb and fat content

Ok, so you’ve found a NCAA compliant whey protein powder in a nice strawberry flavour. But here’s the point where it’s time to check out the other ingredients. Many companies selling whey protein cheaper than others often use lots of artificial flavours and sweeteners to aid taste and make their product more appealing. This can usually be avoided by looking into products that advertise natural ingredients, including natural sweeteners. So as mentioned before, if you have received your whey protein from the local tank at the gym in a brown paper bag, throw it away and never look that charlatan in the face again.


And this is a tricky one, as unfortunately, a cheap price rarely means high quality. Think of whey protein powder as an investment; worth spending a lot of money on to ensure the best value and results. Read website reviews for useful advice from previous customers in terms of results and cost per serving, to work out where the real value lies. Websites like uk.bodybuilding.com are really handy for this.

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