What do you eat in order do make an exercise? (What?!?!?)

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Allow me to explain… In regards to that headline. Which was an actual question that we received  24hrs ago. In those exact words.
Now… In the past 2 years. It’s been a ‘thing’… Where a lot of our newest S-curve Xperience folk, are coming from countries where English isn’t their first language.
Even the people in this pic (From recent S-curve Xperience shenanigans).
Most of this group were Spanish people. Born and raised in Spain.
To them… Their English isn’t ‘good’. But it sounded good enough for ‘me’.
It’s a little different In the 121 > Messenger/app chats, with people who find us online. 
These individuals don’t speak ANY English. And we have no choice but to use Google translate to communicate.
Or for us… To hire people who can communicate with them in their language.
So yes… We will be working on a complete solution, in regards to communicating with everyone. Regardless of which country they’re from.


What the gentleman above is asking. Is how do you feed the monster.
Feed the monster?
That is S-curve Xperience slanguage. So I’ll rephrase that for you…
How do you feed your body after exercising, in order to see results.
I can understand what he’s asking, because…
1. I’ve seen almost every scenario play out, with past and current S-curve world folk, when it comes to achieving S-curvish results.
2. Two people can communicate, because they speak the same language (fitness language). With one or the other, not being good at speaking English at all.
This rule works almost anywhere in the world.
Now… Let me run you through what needs to happen. When it comes to answering that question.
It’s the ‘protocol’ process. It works every time. It’s just that YOU will apply certain parts of the formula, in a different way. Simply because everyone has a unique set of attributes.
– Foods they can/Can’t eat. Like/Don’t like
– Specific current/previous injuries
– Different levels of fitness ability
– The ability to communicate well with others
– Any many other things that only YOU know about yourself

Doing the right things with the workout

You must first identify what kind of goal you’re after. As there are many different ways to approach ‘fitness’
In S-curve world. That’s easy. And today, we all (Women and men). Have a common goal.
– ‘Soft lean’
@vitoriagomes and co.
‘Soft lean’ @vitoriagomes and co.
– Epic butt/Tiny waist (Yes… The guys too)
– Epic upper back (And lats to match @ guys)
– Turn your  body the left (Or right)… See the letter ‘S’ (S-curve)
The S-curve in OOTD attire @deboramirtes
The S-curve in OOTD attire @deboramirtes
If you’re new here. And like the sound of that. Then we’re in business.
The workout
I have mentioned this recently. But it’s all about…
– S-curve bodyweight circuits
– Weightlifting gym workouts
You can read the specifics, in > this post.
Your goal… Is to trigger your muscles, so that they are forced to change shape.
It’s pretty easy to do… When going from 0-60% S-curvish results. And harder to achieve, when going from 60-100% S-curvish results.
We’ll get to the ‘feeding’ part in a moment. But before we do that. You MUST do the right things. Even after choosing the right type of workout (We usually choose it for you).
The right things are…
– Consistent intensity (Most fail with this, unless someone pushes them).
– Hitting a rep range consistently… Without fail! (Again…^^^).
– Tracking your strength progression (Again…^^^).
– Switching to the right routine, based on your on-going results.
All of the above, requires a lot of focus. But is very necessary, if you want to trigger fast and/or effective results.
It’s also a very boring process.
The S-curve Xperience is all about living a great lifestyle, in your best body.
And so… We’ve structured the above (A results phase), into 4-6 week time periods.
So your life will only ever look like that, for 4-6 weeks.
You’ll embrace TDE and SSS routines, at all other times. Which is usually after your first 3 months (When working with us).
You do all of the above. Fail, you will not!

Feeding the monster S-curvishly

Feeding the monster with whatever the fudge we want @ life beyond 60% S-curvish @brennanrose
Feeding the monster with whatever the fudge we want @ life beyond 60% S-curvish @brennanrose
In all honesty… The S-curve workouts are easy. You just turn up and do what you’re told to do.
Because you know… We have a proven formula in place.
When it comes to food though. You’re probably going to screw up. Which is why the 121 coaching chats are the back bone of the ‘Skin in the game’ S-curve program.
Because it’s all about guiding you, during the different times in the day, where you drift off that do your own thing.
Together… We would have already figured out YOUR situation with food. In the first 7-10 days of working together.
The consistent/constant 121 coaching chats, exist to help you stick to what we planned.
These chats are usually intense, during the first 4-6 weeks of working together. But will naturally slow down, as you become more educated.
THIS… Is where the magic exists!
It’s the person who has your back, no matter what.
For a lot of people. That was their parent and teachers, during their school years.
And for a lot of people. They fall apart, once that disappears.
Like I said… This is a 100% tailored process. And is multiple steps deeper, than what you see in these posts…
4 S-curve meal structures – Based on the time of day you workout (No.3 is protocol) 
The fall season binge fest (The S-curve Xperience formula) 
A Story About Food And Supplements (Within the S-curve Xperience) 
The S-curve formula and program ‘timeline’ (Epic explanation) 
The process of Eating S-curvishly (An EPIC explanation!) 
However… Those posts act as a guideline. And exist to form the foundation of your level of education, within the S-curve Xperience.
So lap up each newsletter as they arrive. Message us and ask questions.
And most important of all… Continue to enjoy everything that is… The S-curve Xperience, via everything that get’s posted, wherever we have a presence.

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