What Are The Most Common Dental Problems And How To Avoid Them

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When we think about dental problems, we usually think about how white our teeth look. And while that can be an issue, there are plenty of other dental problems that could cause you pain or other complications. Here is a look at the most common dental problems, and how you can avoid them.

#1 Unpleasant Breath

It is never pleasant to have bad breath, but if you suffer from this issue all the time, you will definitely want to see a professional for help. In more than 80 percent of cases, the persistent bad breath is the result of a dental problem. The good news is that looking for an orthodontist near me would help a lot. It would allow patients to see a dentist and get an understanding for why they are suffering from this problem.

#2 Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, which is usually called gum disease, is an infection that can attack your gums that are surrounding your teeth. It is a massive problem not only for your gums, but it is also the leading cause of tooth loss in patients. There is also a link between those who have periodontal disease and heart problems. That is why it is so important to see a dentist if you are noticing any pain, excessive bleeding or other problems with your gums.

#3 Oral Cancer

Anytime you hear the word cancer, it is scary, and that is understandable. Oral cancer is a very real condition that impacts millions around the world. It is said that one person dies every single hour in the United States because of oral cancer. It is most common when you are 40 or older, and it is mostly caused by poor dental hygiene and a combination of other habits. For instance, those who smoke, chew tobacco, consume excessive alcohol or suffer from HPV are at a greater risk of suffering this condition.

#4 Mouth Sores

Have you ever been in a situation where you wake up and you notice there is something very painful in your mouth? It can happen to any of us, and it is not pleasant. In many of these cases, it is a mouth sore that is causing your problems. If your mouth sore is gone within a week or two, you should not be worried. If it persists, you will want to call a specialist so you can get help.

#5 Tooth Sensitivity

As we get older, our teeth get weaker and more sensitive. If you are suffering a bit of pain when you have something very cold, such as ice cream, it is nothing to freak out about. But you should also know that if you are suffering from sensitive teeth all of a sudden, even though you are young, you could have a deeper issue with your oral health. And the only way to make the situation better is to see a dentist. Not only can you get a proper cleaning, but they can investigate why you are experiencing such tooth sensitivity.

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