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Buzzers… Wednesday…
Right now… A lot of us are simply having ‘fun’.

Because that’s what happens when you embrace things naturally @ life. And not as some hard to get, seemingly unachievable goal. Or some other ‘forced’ thing that you put upon yourself. Aka… Trying less to be ‘successful’ (Yup).

That’s how you win. Just focus on having fun. Even throughout the ‘hard to do’ stuff.

Note: This was/is the approach to building out the S-curve formula. And now look where we are, several years later.

Like yesterday… One of my many new > training partners, was doing her usual workout routine.

Workout sessions usually have a pretty intense ‘none talking vibe’ to them,  when I’m not around in there.

But because I’m connected with many of the folks here, individually.


– Started doing funky antics with the effective exercises I was showing them to do. Yesterday, it was doing the feet raised quadruped hip extension.

Funky… Because everyone screws up the form on that (Not her… She is an ex gymnast. And those folks are beastly).

– Setting up super music playlists… Since we all have similar tastes in music.

– Talked TC2.0 trips…

One person is a student in ‘hospitality’. And I learned that the newly started Fairmont Hotel in Maldives (Scan @fitbuzz Instagram) is owned by > Raffles (See… All these places are being experienced in S-curve world).

And even on my own FB profile. I’ve been having fun with the stories and profile pics.

That’s how we roll around here. Tis the S-curve experience. So chill out. Message to reply.

(Or ignore messages, since that’s a trend. Ha. It’s like… Reading it, without opening it. And you, kinda respond in your mind. Even if you don’t actually respond. Ha…).

Comment, follow and all that funky fun stuff!

Trending in S-curve world today.

– > Bora Bora @ arriving (Plane view)
– > Brutally honest Tee
– > Paddle boarding and kayaking
– > Pubg? (Ya… Being an S-curvish gamer girl is a ‘thing’)

Do it for the story @ today’s headline 

Become S-curvish so that you have a story to tell.

That alone, will add value to YOU.

– When you talk about yourself to others.
– The story you’ll have to tell others… Due to the way that they respond to your physical appearance.
– For true moments of clarity @ self.
– The way that you start to approach certain ‘life’ situations.

You’ll kinda already understand… If you’ve been active before entering S-curve world. Or are at stage 3 or beyond.

But if you haven’t. And/Or have failed @ previous attempts to really get into or be a part of ‘something’. Then… You need to jump in and get your feet wet. And it’s easier than ever before to do so… Now that we focus on Pay-as-you-go.

So let’s start and continue creating great stories. Because it changes ‘everything’.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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