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Buzzers… Monday…
It’s the final week of September. So let’s get into it…

This is the S-curve experience… I’m personally living it daily. And it’s great to introduce many more people into it (That includes your partner, friends and family).

All of the following social media pages, shows you what that looks like (And in more detail in this newsletter).

– Pinterest.co.uk/stayfitbuzz/pins
– Instagram.com/fitbuzz and Shauntls
– Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
Theres’s others. But you’ll see ‘everything’ on those ones.
The engagement levels fluctuate over time, between them. But right now… Some of the heat has moved over to the Instagram pages. Take a look.


It’s Monday… So you can catch up on the weekends newsletters > here.

Third = That ‘announcement’ from Friday

Introducing: S-curve member interviews (Possible podcast)

We had a > similar thing running, way back in 2009/10. And those interviews were a hit at the time.

Those videos are archived now though. As the platform they were recorded on, is now gone. I would have used YouTube. But back then, they were only doing 15 minute uploads. And the interviews were 30-60 minutes long.

So… How about it. Would you do one? As a past/present member?

If so, reply or direct message on the FB profile link above..

These interviews would be a little different though. As I’ll naturally be giving tips throughout.

So it’s…

– Us having an open chat about everything ‘S-curve lifestyle’.

– Your problems discussed… With solutions given.

– Some good ol’ chit-chat about life stuff. Just like we do in the 121 chats. We talk about EVERYTHING.

– Something you can show to your friends/family.


The > new updates are gradually rolling out. And the official foods lists are being updated all week, on the member pages (Check the ‘shenanigans album’ on the FB profile above, for ‘near daily’ photo meal updates).

And S-curve bodyweight circuit 3.0 for advanced members is coming (The first one is responsible for almost ALL shred-curvish results). Which will be the last official routine to be launched this year.

Tweak weeks was the only other ‘necessary’ program to come out. Which came about, because of the ‘in person’ activity @ > these folks, this time last year.

All of the above is ‘a lot’. So make sure you reply or message. Especially if you’re a past member that might want to take part in that possible S-curve member podcast.

 > More buzz for daily updates.


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