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Now… there is nothing too trivial or exiting about having a weights bench, but it does happen top be one of those stationary products that you must have (like a TV in the living room) and that must always work. Now when I think about the amount of weights benches that I have used over the years for a home gym, there hasn’t been many that have left a lasting impression on me after using them. For the most part I have just stuck with them to make them work regardless how good or bad the bench is. Common problems I find with weights benches.

  • Crappy material (rips apart and scratches your skin)
  • Dodgy adjustable height function
  • Not enough adjustable movements to perform a wide array of weightlifting exercises

But when I went out to get my own bench for my home gym, I actually did a bit of research. If it was to be like stationary furniture in my home, then it just had to be right. Kind of like the girlfriend that you bring home to your family… she just has to be right… right?

Well so far it seems like this bench has been a good choice and overcomes some of those common problems that I’ve mentioned above. This bench can seem a little intimidating to build when you lay all of the parts out on the floor, but once you have got the initial parts built it just becomes easy.

Now I know that you have all used a weights bench before, so let me just give you the highlights of why THIS bench made it into the stayfitbug.com weightlifting workout gear.

  • Plenty of room between head and bar even at highest incline level which can be a problem on other benches.
  • You can upgrade the bench with extra attachments.
  • Has a decline function. Not many benches have that, and for those of you who maybe fighting off man boobs or just want to work upper chest muscles, this is perfect for that.
  • Very sturdy! I don’t consider myself to be strength hungry when using fitness equipment, but most benches that I have used always seem to move around, even the slightest, which leaves me feeling like I have to always be on my guard should it just slip around and get me hurt. After using this bench for a few weeks, that feeling just seemed to disappear. I pushed this bench back with my feet while doing seated shoulder presses, and with force! But this bench just stayed in its place, making me feel like a weakling. But that’s what I wanted. All a part of good ergonomics testing eh.
  • Has plenty of adjustments. Enough to ensure that you can perform many of the exercises that I have covered over at the stayfitbug.com weightlifting workout routines.

It is a bit more expensive than your usual bench, but remember what I said in yesterdays post about being cheap? Simple… don’t be cheap. Spend that little bit more; you’ll be doing yourself a favour by doing so.

York Heavy Duty Bench

No product is perfect of course and the bench can be very space hungry, but I’m not going to bad mouth this bench, because like my Macbook pro… it just works, and that’s what I care about the most.

Got questions or comments… you know what to do in that space down below!

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