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People of S-curve world…
There’s a few things we’ll discuss today.
But that right there… Is a message for our S-curve partners (Individuals), associates and peers.
I’ll explain…

We want you to win!

More so than you currently are.
Of course… In regards to business. Which usually translates into living a more awesome life.
And WE help you with that. Simply because YOU are… 
– Living a variation of the S-curve Xperience lifestyle

– Are at least 60% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish (You too ‘guys’)
For free!
And we do so… Because we know that YOU are a solution for the followers in S-curve world.
All of this begins… As we become a fan of YOU.
We identify you as a ‘right fit’ individual, to exist within S-curve world.
Quite simply… You’re doing everything that we encourage our followers/members to be doing.
We want to always get to a point… Where YOU know, that our efforts are being noticed!
Like when our followers start following you. And letting you know how they found you (Through us).
It’s at that point… Where you know that the S-curve Partner Program works.
It’s about bringing you even deeper into the S-curve Partner Program ecosystem.
There is a lot of ground to cover on that topic.
But for the most part. It’s about introducing you to tools that can help you grow your business.
And no… We’re not talking about getting you more followers. As highlighted in this post…
It’s all about getting more specific.
Like with some of the things you’ll find, when you jump into using any of these businesses…
There’s more (Of course). But you can learn about the backstory behind how WE started using those businesses, within stayfitbug.com, on > this page.
It’s all about helping you reach 6-7 figure a year business. 
But most importantly… Extra income that YOU didn’t give any extra effort to achieve.
Which also means you have more money and time… To embrace things like Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.
Not the budget kind either.
We know this is important. 
Because it’s the thing you get excited about the most, when following the Facebook stories.
And the only thing that ever holds you back. Is a lack of time and/or money.
So we want to help you stop fantasizing. And start living.
Because it truly improves happiness levels. Keeps motivation levels high. And stops you from hating on people.
Those trips instigate super positive energy levels into the S-curve world ecosystem.
And of course, into your own personal lives.
On that note….

About 2-4 week ‘Air time’ trips/2-4 day Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

Remember… It’s about inspiring you to take trips… To locations that make sense for YOU.
And from Thursday night to Monday morning… It’s all about that FUN!
As of June 2020…
– 2-4 day Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
These may happen less frequently in the near term. But they are indeed happening again (Thank fu*k for that).
– 2-4 week ‘Air time’ trips
At an ‘Airbnb’… Somewhere just outside of the main city.
Or… A 3-6 month contract on a place… That you visit ‘whenever’. Usually by land.
That’s what we look forward to the most… Out of all the things we embrace at the weekends… Within the S-curve Xperience (See this post).
For most folk… It’s about finding awesome/less popular destinations that are 2-4 hours from your home.
For those in Brazil (For example)…
ENTER: Fernando de Noronha
Fernando de Noronha @camilacampos.1
Fernando de Noronha @camilacampos.1
It’ll only take a few hours to get to this place.
Leave on Friday morning. Head back on Monday evening.
You can experience A LOT of things inside that time frame.
And by the end of the trip… You’ll be super fired up to do it all again.
Which you can… When living the S-curve Xperience lifestyle to the max!
COVID-19 has messed things up a little. But again, these trips are happening again. As you can see from all the videos since March until now.
So when you watch those videos. It’s all about keeping your motivation levels up, during the times when you can’t travel.

A popular supplements ‘buying page’ at present…

I’ve talked about supplements regularly, since March 17th 2020. When COVID-19 decided to change the world we was living in.
Highlighted in posts like…
Introducing: The 3 Month ‘Survive AND Thrive S-curve Plan!
Building the perfect ‘simple’ home gym 
The hottest/newest stuff to buy in S-curve world (May 2020) 
And today… I want to highlight a website where your fellow S-curve world folk are buying these supplements from.
This place…

> Roar Ambition <

It’s basically a well presented ‘buy’ page. A simplified version of the detailed information that we created for you on our official > S-curve formula page.
What’s also cool… Are the mix & match deals.
Roar Ambition
Roar Ambition
Which embraces the S-curve formula concept of ‘buy and try’.
Roar Ambition
Roar Ambition
Another important reason as to why our folks are flocking to this website. Is because of this…
Roar Ambition COVID-19 update
Roar Ambition COVID-19 update
Aka… Reassurance.
Which is very important right now.
I’ve had a lot of experience with this over the past few months. And there have indeed been challenges, in regards to orders and deliveries.
It’s business as usual for some companies. But not so much for others.
But via that website. You know for sure that your orders are in good hands.
Make sure you read through those posts above. As they break down how we’re embracing food and supplements ‘today’

To conclude

– Dive into > Messenger to ask us questions.
– What we talk about… Ends up in the newsletters. So that everyone else benefits from the help.

The latest

Subzeromasks - Skull
Sub Zero Masks



1. – CV Sciences, Inc.

2. – Cupshe

3. – Born Tough

4. – Bear Mattress

5. – Cellars Wine Club

6. – VaporFi

7. – Military Muscle

8. –  Binance

9. – Universal yums

10. – Curfew

11. – Dreamhost

12. – Post Affiliate Pro

13. – Ivacy

14. – Silver Fern Brand

15. – Top chef home delivery

16. – Manychat

17. – Raw Generation

18. – Sub Zero Masks

19. – Free Breaths

20. – Lean bean

1. Check them all out.
2. If you like stuff you see… Buy the stuff you see.
3. If you buy the stuff you see… Use that stuff to make your life more awesome within the S-curve Xperience.
Just email us via [email protected] if you think you/your business will be a right fit in S-curve world!
Remember… > This post (amongst others) encourages you to jump into the S-curve Partner Program.
But for some… Advertising on this website might be a better alternative option. So email about that too.
Copy the code below to your web site.
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