We ‘must’ fail in 2018 (What?)

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Buzzers.. > Moan-day

It’s the final month of the year. And naturally… You’re going to be making plans going forward (Remember… No ‘resolutions’ allowed).

Things have indeed changed a bit this year. As I predicted they would at the start of the year.

And Becoming S-curvish/Shred-curvish is ‘great’! But… What goes on there, MUST all be inline with how you currently live your life. And to not sacrifice the things that are important to you @ life.

– Your husbands and partners CAN be more involved.

– You’ll probably have more time for family time @ > this newsletter topic… And everything else highlighted in that newsletter.

We just fix and improve some of the things you’re currently doing in your daily life… That

got you searching for a fix and ending up on this newsletter.

FIXED = Your lifestyle and your mind.

And I KNOW that’s where the problem is. As I’ve been practicing the daily fixes every day this year @ Guinea pigging.

Just like I did back in > 2011 when the focus was on creating a superb formula for getting physical results ONLY.

Which is of course, when a lot of the original free videos were floating around (Which you can still learn a lot from @ the verbal blueprint tips).

Going into 2018

TC2.0 is starting to become more protocol. You just saw one trip from me, this past weekend. Which is what many other Fitbuzzers and S-curve members did too.

And YOUR pics will be uploaded to the new TC2.0 album on the FB page and on my profile, that sits at the end of the newsletter. You’ll start to see different specific albums that represent different elements of the S-curve experience. All started by last years shenanigans album on my own profile.

‘In the city’ shenanigans

That will continue @ roof top bars/coffee shops. Or just any ‘cool looking’ seated location, that exists outside of 4 enclosed walls (At home/In the office).

There’s a strong vibe for that in Singapore (Where I am right now). And in some of the surrounding countries (Where this weekends TC 2.0 trip was @ 2-3 hours away from current home location).

Tell me where you live. And I’ll tell you where it is for you. If you don’t already know.

We will start to fail? @ todays headline

That is… There’ll be more of a focus on the 1-5 year > results timeline for one set of FitBuzzers, who become official S-curve members.

Year 1 = A focus on becoming 60% S-curvish as quick as possible (The main area of concern… Is to shift the fat that sits above the hips/lower-middle back. Which is hard to do without a focused approach. But we know how to get it done).

Year 1-5 = Focus on reaching 90-100% gradually (Whilst enjoying all the fun stuff within this S-curve

LIVE update member page and 121 Messenger coaching chats

That’s how all S-curve members succeeded in the past 18 months.

It mimics exactly what happens, if we were doing this face to face (Even better than… Since everything is recorded).

But… LIVE is not recorded. Which means we can’t predict what will happen on any given ‘next day’. We only know how to respond to what happens (Like starting a workout feeling unusually fatigued).

Daily LIVE coaching is what happens on an intense results phase.

That will only ever last for 1-3 months whenever you do that. The rest of the time, you’ll be on a lifestyle

phase. Which is more easy going and where you’ll be doing more stuff on your own.

So this year, we created some S-curve workout program’s, that focus on the common issues that come up @ the daily workout.


– I woke up and my butt shrunk…

– Life just got busy and I need to be doing shorter workouts

– My boobs are shrinking

That stuff is all real. It happens. And I’ve seen it all happen, first hand, in person. Just like with > these

S-curve members.

That’s what the tweak weeks modules are. To give you fixes for those, without having to rely on

LIVE 121 coaching shenanigans.

Concluding this Monday

I was going to head into some S-curve blueprint tips. But no one wants to read a never ending newsletter on any given day. So we’ll do that tomorrow.

You’ll use them all at some point. But the best blueprint tips, are the ones that will help you TODAY.

Adding and messaging is how you get those answers. So add below on FB and do that. And > More buzz to see more stuff.


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