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Buzzers… TBT…

I’m personally gearing up for some ‘events’ at present. So there’s a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff going on with me at present.

Which is why I haven’t appeared in many new pics recently, over on my FB profile (At the end of every newsletter).

But they’re coming back real soon :).

Anyway… It’s a TBT. So let’s look back at it @ S-curve life.

Things do change. But they also stay the same.


For the most part… You’re doing the same thing year in, year out @ life.

You’ll start January all happy. Especially since you’re temporarily removed from everyday life @ holiday season vibes.

But then real life kicks in. And boom. You’re back to doing what you’ve always done!

And any intentions of changing things for a new year, become a very quick after thought. This mostly happens, due to the people you’re around.

So plan on changing that up some what.

Once you’ve done that… Sit down with 1-3 people who you have in your ‘corner’. And keep them there.

Those are the people that will keep your plan of attack on track…. When the other people around you (Who aren’t doing sh*t for you) start acting up. (This is what I currently do for you, in the 121 coaching chats. I have your back… In your trusted ‘corner’).

This is also why we have a daily newsletter and a social media following. Because you will become… Whatever you spend the most time thinking about.

And it’s also the reason why we’ve created > Stages 1-4 over a 6 year time period.

Because there are many things that you continuously do, year after year. That make you fail mentally and physically.

It’s just ‘self’ human behaviour.

And that’s the no.1 reason why you should find someone to put in your corner, to help you with that.

Especially as a busy adult!

Because you can only do something well, if…

#1 You are a true expert @ whatever that is.

#2 If you have an individual or team helping you @ whatever that is.

Like me…

– Learning surfing and ‘higher up’ cliff jumping is on the agenda (I’m getting help with that)

– I’m a pro in regards to S-curve nutrition. But I’m no chef (I always get help with that, offline).
– And help with some other things that we do for YOU… Here in S-curve world.

All of the above… Is why you become a member. Or why you even ended up on this newsletter.

And every single time that someone who was failing… Started as an official member. They kicked themselves for not getting help sooner. I think we all have that stubborn trait within us.


I highlighted the above TBT topic today… Simply because I personally don’t enter that kind of conversation with YOU anymore.

Because there’s just too much back evidence and daily social proof @ what goes on here.

Today… I personally spend my time, talking to you as an individual… More than a ‘coach’ (‘Coaching is  proven process on my end… So I don’t ‘focus’ on it so much).



Tis S-curve experience.

And I certainly wouldn’t be talking with you like a ‘coach’… When > these meet ups take place. That simply isn’t how we ‘connect’.

Just take a > look at the comments on any of my own Facebook pictures (That was 1 hour ago!).

We have fun with it.

So here’s glass (Wine emoji goes here)… To no more failing at the same thing year after year!


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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