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Buzzers… TGIF…

It was indeed a Justice League day yesterday.

Should you watch? Well… I was entertained. Just as I was with the Wonder Woman film. And each Super Hero had their moment.

Banning your signal?

I’m basically going to put out all of the topics that was discussed, with the FitBuzzers that I was out with last night.

And one of those topics. Was the elimination of standard TV watching.


Almost no one turns on a channel to watch random TV. But they do own TV’s to stream stuff. All of our oldest videos were uploaded in at least 720p HD. So no quality issues there for now.

Shredding fat on the midsection + Preventing boob shrinkage.

That’s hard to do. And the success levels of that outcome, mostly comes down to real world experience of achieving that goal.

That was the most important module that we focused on this year over in the tweak weeks. But if that is an issue for you right now. I can tell you for sure… It’ll take some months to achieve (As it did for me this year).

It’ll be quickly achieved if you have at least a couple of results phases in your long term plan, within a 6 month time period.

And no… There’s no individual quick fixes that’ll I’ll list here for you. Remember what I said > here.

Your upper butt

This is the 2nd thing that you’ll focus on.

#1 After that shred above
#2 If you currently do not have a naturally strong upper butt

There are 3 parts of your butt. The middle ‘biggest part’ is easiest to change. The upper butt is the hardest to change.

You’ll need to include one exercise as a part of your TDE video to help change the body part. And you’ll need to focus on exercises that hit your horizontal + semi horizontal muscle fibers.

Which usually means variations of…

– Hip extensions
– Leg lifts
– Lunges
– Abductions

Which ones we choose, will depend on your past experience and injuries (If any).

Cheat snacking

I always have to highlight this first in new convos.

As new people tend to think they need to be super health conscious when they enter S-curve world. Which you know… Is the opposite.

So like I said recently…

– TGIF cheat nights we embrace
– Very small amounts @ D-F rated cheat snacks
– Fruit as your cheat snack at all other times

What we talk about in replies and messages ends up here on the newsletter. So do that. And > More buzz for everything else.


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