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Now let me explain today’s headline (backwards)

The S-curve experience

You would have started to know what that is this year. As I said things were heading that way, this time last year.

Which means we’re here to stay in your life, every night. And NOT… A one night stand!

That is… To make you feel a certain way… Every single day. Because that ‘good feeling’… Is what leads you to the change we both know you want to see in YOU..

To know that… When other stuff in your life is falling apart…

– Romantic relationships
– Your career
– Whatever

You have that ‘feeling’ to turn to.

And we all know that we need that. Just take a look at the chats from the > results pages (The links).

– Recently divorced
– Husband serves for the country and is always away (In possible danger)
– Adapting to a recent career change
– Stayed physically broken, for way too long… And deciding to really do something about it, after years of
reading the newsletter

Those are all real member scenarios that we’ve encountered here, in the past 3-5 years. And they indeed got their fix.

But they wouldn’t have got that… If they wasn’t a part of an experience.

You’re never ever supposed to feel like someone/something is going to screw you over and not have your back, when you start ANY serious program in your life.

Which is a problem, not only in the ‘fitness’ part of all this. But in life, in general. That’s the trust factor I’m always taking about on here.

We don’t play that (One night stand) game around here!

You see that 65% non-workout/nutrition stuff that has been the big focus on here in the past 10 months?

Yea… That is what this is related to.

That’s the part of the experience that really changes you. We open up about all of your ‘life’ s***.

It’s the only way. And…

– That can only happen if you trust and connect here. Which is why we have the links on that page above.

– That can only happen… Once you jump in the chats

– That can only happen if you become a part of an experience.

It takes time to decide to become a part of something (Kinda like buying a house… But less due diligence needed). Which is why it usually takes a while for new members to officially start. Because they’re making a change to their real daily life.

Just remember that we are ‘chill’ here. And that the long term structure of this experience, allows you to be what YOU are. During any one period of time.

– Need to ease up and spend more time with your people…? That can happen.

– Need to break away from everything else in life and focus on your results? That can happen too…

Just follow my lead… What you see listed on all of the stages via Morebuzz… Is only there, so that you can ‘see’ the individual stuff that happens inside, once you start.
And remember… That we’ll be continuing the ‘hard to achieve’ trend, that we started to achieve this year @ keeping you on the wagon… During typical ‘fitness’ fall off periods (Summer/Thanksgiving).

Which again… Has only become possible… Since turning into an experience (No one night stands around ‘ere).

Which is exactly what I told our newbie 18 year old Fitbuzzer > this week.

I already know that she’s not been a part of something (Fitness related) that actually looks out for her, based on her response.

But that will change. As it has done for many who added ME on FB this year. Like Mr. Deity from the shenanigans album night out 2 weeks ago. Who’ll probably introduce his wife. @ the husbands (guys returned) are now a part of this too.

Newsletter over… Reply or add.


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