Ways to keep inspired to reach your bodybuilding goals

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Keeping fit is hard work and most of the time, you may find yourself losing steam midway. When that happens, you need to find the motivation to keep you going until you reach your desired goals. 

Before you start, you need to understand that the journey is full of failure and success stories, obstacles, frustrations, and triumphant moments. And that’s not all, these feelings can overwhelm you regardless of whether you’re training for a marathon or achieve a six-pack. That’s why it’s important to find ways to stay motivated throughout your bodybuilding journey. 

Despite these challenges, bodybuilding helps you develop muscle strength and improve your overall heart health. Therefore, whether you’ll depend on some inspirational quotes or you’re going to change your attitude, find motivation wherever you can. Having said that, here are six ways to keep you inspired to reach your bodybuilding goals. 

Visualize Your New Look after Success

Envisioning yourself at the finish line even before you start the journey helps you stay motivated throughout. This not only applies to bodybuilding but in any other task that you want to achieve. Imagine how it will feel like to start your own business or if you achieve that great body shape you always wanted. Whatever you’re working so hard to achieve, visualizing yourself when everything is done helps you to remain motivated. 

Be Part of a Team

Nowadays, the internet has made it easy for like-minded people to create groups to share ideas and support each other in pursuit of common goals. Join one of the many body-building Facebook groups where you can discuss nutrition and training tips with people from all corners of the word. Joining such groups is not enough, you need to participate in the discussions, share success stories, complement each other, and the challenges you’re facing on your journey.

By joining a group, joining a challenge, and staying active in those social groups makes you remain active in exercising as well. In most cases, you realize that those group members who show commitment to those discussions and challenges realize more success than the spectators.

Capture Your Progress

Once you make up your mind that you want to get in shape, take pictures even before you start training. As you hit the gym and start realizing changes, take more pictures to help you compare your before and after looks. These pictures act as a progress record and are a constant source of motivation. If you combine these with how you envision yourself after you achieve your desired body shape, then you’ll always feel motivated to workout.

Workout to Trigger Your Endorphins

When working out, your body releases hormones known as endorphins. These hormones reduce your awareness of pain as well as give you a positive feeling about working out. And as you show, when you’re positive about anything, you stay motivated to keep doing it. When endorphins are released, you get:

  • Fewer negative thoughts
  • Lower stress level, and
  • Reduced appetite

As a result, you end up making healthy and sensible choices. 

  • Compete with Yourself

Never try to compare yourself with the models you see in magazines or social media. Instead, compete with who you are and who you want to be. Create your own narrative however you want it to look like. Embrace your bodybuilding journey without minding the external forces. Doing so is a reason enough to remain motivated until you achieve your goals.

Remain Persistent

You’ll face a lot of distractions along the way, but you have to learn how to ignore them. Remember that you’re writing your own narrative and you’re the only one who has the power to decide how it ends. Make sure you tap into the positive vibes and people who share your common goal.

Bottom Line

The bodybuilding journey is hard and requires someone who is dedicated and motivated. Following the above tips will help you reach your goals. 

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2 Responses to “Ways to keep inspired to reach your bodybuilding goals”
  1. Chuck Collins says:

    Try new exercises. Don’t be hung up on equipment you don’t have access to (like at the gym). I’ve purchased a set of reisistance bands and am loving my home workouts. I look and feel great!

  2. Shaun says:

    Good stuff

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