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It’s time for some…
S-curve experience + Actionable blueprint tips
(The jump from the headline is highlighted @ #3 below)

#1 One of the strategies that we use to ‘keep’ you S-curvish @ killing the cheat food binge. Is to snack on

foods that keep you feeling full… For longer.

This is the start of another one of the food lists that you’ll see in the official food lists doc, that will appear on your LIVE update member page towards the end of this month (@ Active monthly members only).

This list includes…

– Bananas
– Fried dumplings (Yes… It won’t be A-rated. But they’re not F-rated either. And they taste ‘good’)
– Pineapple
– Cheat snacking on the stuffed crust of pizza
– Casein
– Oats

#2 Another ‘range of motion’ focused exercise…

– The rotary hold, using a wall and not a cable/band.

The goal of this exercise, is to build tension around your core. Increased tension in your muscles, leads to

boosted ‘soft lean’ goals.

By using the wall variation… You’re able to twist your feet and waist by an extra 90 degrees or more, than on the cable/band variation. You’ll ‘feel it’ more for sure. And… It still feels comfortable.

These are the kind of tweaks that we apply at certain points on your > long term plan. Which of course contributes to the boosting of results.

#3 How to get over ‘failing to officially start’?

You don’t… Just leap in.

Don’t try to get ready for the change you’re about to make. Just head over to the page. Hit Paypal and done.

Let me explain a little… And highlight some personal experiences in regards to this.

Most of which you have watched ME do, over these past 3 years (This newsletter is never about ‘me’… It’s aways about you). So that YOU know… That I know, where you stand @ the difficulty of making big changes.

– Leaving to live in a country, far away from the ‘home’ country.

– Learning how to swim ‘properly’. And then… Learning how to swim in the rough sea.

– Cliff jumping

All of that has happened during these past 3 years (Many other things too. But in regards to this topic… That list of things).

There was a little preparation before hand, of course. But for the most part, each scenario, required one

big jump.

Like… Just DO IT!

It’s the only way to truly put yourself in a position to succeed. And in all situations… I’ve come out victorious.

– To a new country/Region? This newsletter and S-curve experience has improved because of it.

> The content
> Some S-curve members now have travel-curvish history’s because of it @ learning about locations

they didn’t even know existed.

– Swimming? Without it… We wouldn’t have had those underwater GoPro shenanigans. Which motivated

many of the October 2016 members.

– Cliff jumping (Video)? This is the big one. There were people who simply didn’t do it, because they were waiting for the ‘right moment’.

It looks exciting… But scary. You know you’re safe and in good hands. But… You simply have to ‘jump’.

And it truly is one addictive experience after that first time (A bit like that other ‘first time’… Ha).

The next goal, is to jump out of a plane @ now addicted.

Conclusion @ #3

That’s what it looks like, as you pass through the different stages of the 6-18 month/1-5 year S-curve formula.

Especially in regards to strength/exercise progression.

Because one day, you’re a super weak female @ upper body. Then several months later, you’re swinging

around on a pull up bar for fun.

And just like the cliff jump feeling… Success leads to more success. So don’t ever get ready. Just DO IT!

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