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Buzzers… Monday…

This is what happened > last week. It’s a new week. So let’s get into it…

Mission statement: From the list

To keep you looking 10-15 years younger than your biological age.

Which is easier to do, the earlier you start living S-curvishly. But I’m going to highlight something more important than that today.

Which is something I have noticed all year with S-curve members. But have not spoken about openly on here.

That is… To prevent you from dying early.

Let me explain…

There have been several members this year, who came into the program with ‘issues’. Many of which required surgery in the past. Or recurring attendance to… in the current day.

And in many cases… These things happened, because they kept their bodies in an unhealthy state for years on end. Until one day… It became too late.

Boom… ‘Gotta start looking for an expert source that I can trust to help me fix this’.

It’s a horrible situation. Because there you are. A woman in your 30’s or 40’s. Who wants to look and feel sexy.

Yet… You’re having to fix things inside (Which may be visible on the outside of your body). Making you feel 20 years older than you are.

This is the reason why I’ve been urging certain members not to wait around to start (They recently hit 40 years old @ their motivation for messaging).

Because time really is not on your side, if you’re currently that age (Or any age over 18 @ that’s when things start to fall apart) and currently ‘broken’.

Because you can at least start reversing some of the crap you’ve gotten your body into.

– Eating S-curvishly will push out the bad and replace it with the good.

– Cheat snacks will be fruit only.

– The exercise and strength progression process will actually make your body function better. Like…

Your knees and other joints wont click around. You’ll have more energy.

These are the deep important topics that go on in the 121 chats. Which you can see in some of the past chat screen shots on the results pages. These are the issues that people come in with.

It’s truly heart felt.

And anyone that’s coming into this with issues like that, cannot be ‘rushed’.

That’s why we have stages 1-4 via > More buzz. And is the most important reason why we ended up creating a longer term/higher end program, over the past 3-4 years.

Because people have been coming to us with problems like this since 2013. And at that time, there was no solid program in the place, like what we have to today.

I simply had to hold their hand. There was a lot of divorce issues too, from what I remember.

That’s why we have now come full circle and why I’ve made ‘hand holding’ the focus of this years > fall season/Thanksgiving/Black Friday offering.

And it’s ‘game on’. As a couple have officially started as of last week. Which means they’ll have an awesome 2018. Just like everyone who started in last years fall season ‘rush’.

I’ll tell you this right now though…

We’re going to get real close once you’re inside. This is the only way we can truly succeed. I’m used to it. As I’ve done it a lot of times now. So it’s my job to get YOU used to it @ working closely together.


No more exceeding the ‘old’ limit. It’s time to start giving you more years of ‘good’ life.

You deserve a wonderful ‘now’ S-curve experience.

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