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#1 The > new stages 1 and 2 have been updated.

#2 If you have been listening… Then you’ll know that starting on stage 3 will save you from a lot of

unnecessary fudging around.

S***… January’s almost over already. Time doesn’t wait. But your trust levels do. So if your trust levels

are high enough with us on here, then the best place to try out stage 3, without ‘signing your life away’
(Such a scary term… Ha)… Is by starting on > experiment #1.

About the past 2 yesterday’s…

I’ve got back into some classic weekend shenanigans @ movie marathons. Although I think there’ll be

less of it happening this year.

But probably the same level of cinema going as 2017 will happen, I’m sure.


It’s a new year. And developments in tech and social web, do indeed have an impact on how we evolve

on here.

So I’ll say… Watch this space.

It’s pretty unpredictable right now. And I have put some initial bets in place (See Buzzcoin below). But

what ever changes do occur… Will be for the best.

It’s a new week. And most of us switch off for the weekend. So there’s not much to report on from the

day before. So I’m going to kick start your week with some blueprint tips.

These are things that constantly run through my own mind daily. Which is the sole purpose of doing

these blueprint tips. So that the same thing happens with you.

Blueprint tips

#1 Show me the way – Yup… A lot of new members walk into this concept, confused.

They’re walking in… With a mindset that produces mediocre results. They’re not used to a higher end

experience. Although they know it’s what they need.

Like… They’ll ask to see a repeat of a blueprint tip, over and over (Show me individual exercises…

Instead of a strength and exercise progression map).

Yes… The blueprint tip stuff, is supposed to stick in your mind. But the real magic, is doing blueprint

tips (That relate to YOU) LIVE and in the moment.

That’s why we evolved into a LIVE update member page.

So don’t try to cut corners, doing things half assed on your own. Start letting us show you the way… To

‘high end’.

#2 Take an entire week off from working out and ‘working’. At least 4 times a year.

During these week. Make sure you…

– Take a TC2.0 trip
– Sleep 7-10 hours every night
– Eat perfect-curvishly everyday

And make sure you take a selfie/belfie before that week begins.

I’ll just wait for you to send me ‘that’ before and after pic @ S-curve formula shenanigans.

#3 The new official foods list (That you get on stage 3) has 6 lists within it. All of which serve a

specific purpose (It helps to end confusion, when it comes to understanding ‘food’).

One of the things we focus on, is foods that make you feel full.

This helps to keep hunger pains away. Which prevents you from cheat snacking on D-F rated foods

(Cheesecake) in excessive amounts.

Some great A-C rated options for this =

– Bananas
– Pineapple

– Dumplins (Boiled… But fried sometime @ tasty)
– Casein

Replies… Get active there. What we talk about there, ends up here on the newsletter.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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