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Buzzers… Thursday…

I talked about ‘planning’ briefly on here recently. And there are many different ways you can do it. Depending on the factors that surround your life.

We’ve talked about nutrition and workouts this week. So let’s dig into what planning looks like on here. Since there’s a good chance that YOU might become a member within the next 4 weeks.


To improve the way you’re currently doing things in your life…

That’s what we do here.

Tis the S-curve experience…

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

I know you love every part of that. And I do too.

Which means… You won’t need to start to ‘get ready’ to do anything new, wether you become a member or not.

That FitBuzzers… Is they key to staying on the wagon!

Because everything we do here, is what you’d be doing anyway. Again… All in an improved way.

Fixing your daily life shenanigans…

I have conversations with people every day. And yesterday… I had an hour long convo with one of the guards in the condo that I’m currently staying in, who also follows on Facebook.

He’s now in the lifestyle. It’s rubbed off on him. I’m sure he’s got his wife into it too (I did say that the men have re-entered @ back story > original goals).

He works long hours and has 3 kids. One of the struggles he faces, is keeping to a daily routine. Especially with nutrition @ body looks good, but fat sits on his lower gut.

It’s a big problem and it’s really hard to do. Especially without outside help.

So one of the first things we fix. Is sorting out your daily shenanigans, into something you can

stick to.

Here’s mine….

– Breakfast

– Lunch
– Workout
– 2 x Dinners
I work, chill or sleep in-between each one. Simple… And only changes slightly around TC2.0


Following that…

We then look at what events you have coming up within the next year.

Once we know what’s ahead, we then start working through 4-6 week phases. Especially in the first 6 months @ strictly.

#1 Because shorter long term goals are easier to achieve and gauge.

#2 Because the S-curve formula is built, so that you achieve things within 1-3 month time periods.  Just like semesters at university.

And the results overall… In all areas are guaranteed because of today’s tech.

– Member pages that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

– Access to coaching chats 24/7.

– Access to food (Order online at any time if you can’t go physically).

– 24 hour gyms and coupon sites/apps that allow you to walk into almost any gym @ pay and go.

Room for flexibility

Yup… We definitely need that. Since we can’t see entirely into the future.

Which is why we have things like…

– Manual payments @ invoices
– > These scenarios

The most important thing, is that you start on the right path. And to continue you on it, for the rest of your life.

Yup @ life!

Because again… We’re here to improve what you already like to do. Nothing is off limits.

So if you want to pee off at any one time, go and do… Ummm… Mud runs or marathons. Then you go and do that.

You just get advice on how ‘what you like to do’, will affect you. Usually physically.


Like I said at the start. Planning is key. And there’s different ways to approach it, based on what you want to achieve in your life.

The above, is what has been working great here. So we’ll continue to do that. And to evolve on what’s in place.


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