Vitality Through Vitamins – How Healthy Habits Can Boost Creativity

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We all wish we could tap into our creativity more and enjoy expressing ourselves in new and different ways! Here is a bunch of healthy habits you can try to boost your brain and get into the right gear!

Cover Your Basics

The first tip we have for you is a simple one, just look after yourself!

Do some exercise, get plenty of sleep, and keep your brain healthy and nourished. Things like omega 3, Vitamin D and plenty of antioxidants will help keep your brain in top shape and ready to go. That’s why you should ensure that you include foods rich in vitamins and minerals in your diet or include supplements like Comvita health products from MrVitamins.


Meditating has so many benefits both physical and mental. Regular meditation can reduce stress, improve sleep, increase mindfulness and
it gives our brains a chance to unwind and wander uninhibited. All of these things can help get us into a more creative frame of mind.

Walk it Off

The best thing to do to bust a creative block is to get up and move! Go for a long walk, or perhaps a jog to get your body really feeling the positive vibes. Yoga is also a great thing to do for creativity. It is a relaxing but stimulating series of movements that encourage flexibility and fitness that is both physical and mental.


A brief nap in between tasks is a great way to energise and prepare for the next task ahead. Not only that, but we organise and consolidate our memories and what we have recently learnt while we sleep. So take some time to reset so that you can wake up with fresh energy and eagerness to tackle that next project!


Take time to enjoy yourself once in awhile, you can go outside to do stuff or just enjoy a video game or two. Both kinds of play will enhance hand eye coordination, creativity and mood, which are all fantastic things for getting in the mood to make stuff!

Listen to Music

Music can do so much for us, we can use it to get pumped up or to calm down.

Music can inspire us to be creative or it can boost our concentration. Depending on what mood best aids your creative side, music can
help you get there. Alternatively, you can see if the ‘ Mozart Effect’ works for you by listening to some classical music next time you sit down for a crafternoon! Tis’ the season, so maybe carols are a better for getting you going this Christmas.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Even if you are feeling crappy, having a laugh can put you in better spirits.

You are more likely to feel creative if you are in a good mood. Plus, regular laughter is great for your overall health as it makes you release “feel good” hormones.

Use Your hands

The more senses you stimulate the better your crafting will go!

So, when possible, ditch the computer and write with a pen and paper or draw. Working with your hands can trigger creative thinking, plus
if you do something busy with your hands your mind is free to wander and plan the next project. Some great tasks to get your hands and mind going is knitting or embroidering, or even some paper mache or clay creations!

Work in a Cafe

Some people are at their creative peak with some noise in the background, so a coffee shop may just be the ideal environment for making
stuff. You can only do certain activities in a cafe, but if writing or drawing is your passion you should try this different setting and see how it works for you. The smell of coffee can also help keep you alert and aware, and the fact that there are waitstaff that will bring you food and drinks periodically doesn’t hurt either!

Finding what works for you can really be as simple as a couple of small adjustments to your habits and attitude. As well as boosting your creativity these tips are great for your general wellbeing, so you really can’t go wrong!

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