Video Interview with Natalie Minh – Learn How She Set Up Life As A Stranger In A New Country And How She Found Success As A Fitness Model In The Process.

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Natalie Minh may not be a female bodybuilder, but her drive and story on how she changed her body for the better is no different to those that are. Listen to how she structured her mindset to do just that, which eventually lead her on the path to becoming a fitness model.

Adapting to Change

She went from living a normal corporate life (like most of you) to then leading a new life in fitness and modeling, as a stranger in a new country and continent. And she done this  by using principles from my very own personal fitness mantra,

‘The only way to train, is to train insane! ‘

This is the mentality that I want you all to have in your goals towards living a great bodybuilding life style, and Natalies achievements to date is proof of what can be achieved once you do adopt the ‘train insane’ mindset. As you can see… It’s more then just about training!


You all remember the article,

15 Things Successful Bodybuilders And Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common


Well, Natalie represents the message I tried to get across in that post, which listed the similarities between bodybuilders and entrepreneurs. Natalie has has shown that she has both. The entrepreneurial drive and bodybuilding drive.

Natalie may not be a bodybuilder, but the divisions that she trains in to compete require the same drive in order to change your body for the better. It’s a drive that both entrepreneurs and bodybuilders have and need in order to succeed or make a huge change in their lives, or whatever it is they set out to achieve.

Martial arts, Tennis and other sporting activities

Natalie has achieved in sports such as martial arts, tennis and swimming in her rise into the fitness world. Both of which are important if you are,

1) Too young to start lifting weights

2) Want to keep your fitness life fun and engaging

Natalie also reveals some of the best places where she has travelled to have fun with fitness on her globe trotting adventures.

The Full Program

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About Natalie Minh

Natalie Minh is a fitness model and an internationally published photographer whose goal is to further her modeling activities in the fitness world by representing the fit, educated, ambitious woman niche who are positive role models for others.

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