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Buzzers… Sunday… Value given… It’s been a weekend of TV shows and movies for me @
– The new Predator movie
– Marvels Spider-man (Cartoon)
– Iron Fist (TV show)

– Peppermint (Movie)

All of which, gets posted on my FB timeline, when I’m watching this stuff. And if you follow my FB stories. You’ll know that it’s not just for entertainment purposes.


That headline above…Yup… That’s what ‘exceeded value given’ should always feel like.

You should always feel like you’re getting more than what you pay for @ value given. That’s when most new members wake up. And realise that all of this is the real deal sh*t. Created from real world experience and proven science.

And the creating, teaching and improvements to the S-curve formula doesn’t stop either.

And you already know that I’m out, every single day. Making that a real life reality.

You’ll probably still need more though…

Yup… The above reaction @ ‘exceeded value given’. Is typically what a > stage 1 or 2 member will feel.

But… That being said. You’ll still need more (Hello stage 3). If ‘results’ is the goal. Because 2-4 weeks on a generic program, is no time at all.

It’s like those people who have a ‘bit on the side’ (Love interest). Before returning to their main partner. Who is the main dish (Cheating is bad… I know. But still…).

I know this to be the case. Because I’ve seen stage 2 people. Go in…

– Initially motivated… Then to faded motivation levels.

– Or going in half hearted. Because they didn’t choose a higher end option to begin with.

And then 6-8 months later… Wishing they had a bigger picture goal, from day 1.

A lot of new members aren’t new to getting results today. They’ve had years past, of constantly failing (With a little winning along the way as well).

They now know that the solution needs to be a long one. They just need a solution that they trust.

Again… Why I’m personally active everyday. Building out that trust factor, globally.

Life beyond results…

You’ll notice that I’ve been talking about results a lot more, since the start of fall season, 2 weeks ago.

That’s because it’s like New Year’s Day all over again. And almost everyone’s life routine, changes somewhat.

So it’s all about timing. Because the next 6 months is where magic needs to happen. In order for the following 6 months (Until February) to be a success @ life beyond results.

It’s ‘life beyond results’. Because 60% of what goes on in S-curve world. Happens outside of getting results.

We have fun with OOTD/OOTN attire/Daily life shenanigans and TC/TC2.0.

That’s when we > wax off during our 121 chats.

ConclusionEverything that you see at any given time… Is formulaic.

– The S-curve formula
– The newsletter topics

Sh*t is never random. That’s what is meant by ‘higher end’.

Higher end = guaranteed winning. Time is a luxury. And you can’t afford to waste it. It ticks away. And you have no way to stop and start it.

The ultimate goal, is to get you through the teachings of results, as quickly as possible. So that we can move ahead with the other stuff within the S-curve experience.

And even there. We’ll only deal with…

– Products
– Meet up location destinations
– People

That we trust in.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?– > Tulum again

– > Sunday funday

> One plus

> The S-curve in swimwear on Travel-curvish trips

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