Unique Backyard Exercises For Building Muscle Fast

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Stayfitbug.com is all about providing you with innovative tips for building a better body and I covered that with posts such as,

But one question you may ask is…

‘Why unique unconventional exercises? It’s 2009, we have advanced gyms and professional gym equipment to use’

That is true. But there are a few reasons why one will and should focus on building muscles without weights.

  • There is no one answer or routine that will suit and work for everyone to build muscle. We are always searching for new and more effective ways to build muscle, and that only happens with experimentation. That is sometimes where the initial ideas come from for some of today’s most innovative products such as the Iron gym xtreme or Ab circle pro.
  • Most unique exercises (usually without weights machines or free weights) are very good for building functional strength. This is strength that you use to perform every day tasks, which involve pulling, pushing, lifting and gripping.
  • Many people may work long hours and may not have the time or money to set up a commercial home gym, so getting creative with objects within the home is a great option. This is something that would benefit many university students too as they are often strapped for cash.
  • You may travel a lot for business, end up in Brazil and find that you don’t have time to walk around asking “Donde esta el gymo?” So a good hotel workout would make more sense.

I also know that some of you simply hate the gym and just want to build enough strength endurance so that you can confidently defend your self in a fight or dominate the bedroom with your lady and show her what a real man is.

Some people may already be doing these type of exercises as they found that the gym membership money they were spending went to waste as they never used the gym, and just want to find more exercises to add to their weightlifting routines for a bit more diversity.

But for me, the main reason I like these unique off the wall type of exercises is because they are fun. Sometimes the gym can get a bit boring and it is sometimes good to try something a bit different. Besides, if you master some of these weightlifting exercises you get to show off too 🙂

The sandbag

If you don’t know or are to young to have known, sand bag exercise are an old school way to build strength and endurance for a full body workout. Here are some exercises that you can perform with a sand bag.

The squat

  • Flip the bag onto one shoulder and do a set of squats
  • Take a break and flip the bag onto the other shoulder and do another set


  • Give the bag a bear hug and do a set of squats
  • (You can do the same with walking lunges)


  • Lift the bag up to shoulder height
  • Lower yourself into a squat position
  • Then press the bag over your head once while lowered then stand up

Chest, arms and abs

  • Lie on the floor with the bag on your chest
  • Press it up and then, with your arms fully extended, do a sit-up

As you can see, each of these weightlifting exercises focus on different parts of the body, but there are some things to keep mind when performing them.

  • Don’t worry about keeping form too much as the sand will move around a lot. It is all of that moving around which will force you to stabilize yourself and that is what will work your body from head to toe
  • Don’t focus on how many reps you can do, just focus on performing the exercise to the best you can
  • Each set should be about a minute long. Take a 2-minute break and go for it again


Perform press-ups with an object on your back. This will separate the men from the boys for sure.

  • An old car battery in a bag
  • Books in a bag and increase the weight gradually as you increase your strength
  • When you do reach max strength, go for big one!  Get your wife, girlfriend, or big kid brother to sit on your back.

Donkey calf raises

While that person is still present, change exercises and start doing donkey calf raises.

  • Stand on the edge of a platform
  • Place your toes on the edge enough so that you can stabilize your self
  • Bend over and place your forearms on a thigh high surface.
  • Then get that person to climb onto your hips or lower back from a bench.
  • Raise your heels as high as possible.
  • Lower your heels until your calves are stretched
  • Repeat

Running on sand

This might not sound to impressive or trivial, but trust me, running on sand will work your calf muscles to the bone. It will also prove to be a great cardio workout too. You won’t necessarily need to be located near a beach, just find a large enough area to run around. You could even create your own sand pit if you are dedicated to the cause.

Some tips

  • No push off from the ground, especially forward. This could cause extra muscular tension and soreness and would have no positive impact on your running either.
  • Move forward by leaning, not by pushing
  • Pull your foot from the ground
  • Do not worry about stride length
  • Run in deeper sand to increase difficulty
  • Focus on longer runs
  • Go barefoot to get the most benefits out of your running

Stay tuned for part 2 of unique back yard exercises, which i’ll cover tomorrow.

See you in the comments.

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