Unique Backyard Exercises For Building Muscle Fast (Part 2)

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Yesterday I talked about ways to build muscle in your weightlifting workouts without the use of gym equipment or iron free weights. What I introduced was how to build muscle in a backyard gym with resources that are available to you at your local home improvement store. Today I’ll share with you a few more creative ways that you can build your own weights for cardio and resistance training.

Milk Jugs & Paint Cans

These can be your alternative to dumbbells and here is how you can get creative with them.

  • Fill the empty milk jug or paint can with sand and replace the lid. You should use some type of sealant to help prevent the lid from popping off.
  • Then, choose at least 3 sizes of jugs so that you can focus on aerobic training and strength training with the larger jugs.
  • Lifting sand may become easy after a while, if so, just replace the sand with stones to increase resistance.

The ankle weight alternative

Now, I haven’t used ankle weights in some time, but when I first started to workout with all of my then gym buddies, we weren’t exactly rolling in cash, and as students we had plenty of time on our hands to get creative.

Ankle weights are a common use amongst those who play basketball, but if you power walk or jog as a part of your cardio training then you would possibly use ankle weights in your workouts too. Keeping to the back yard way of building muscle, this is one technique you can use to build your own ankle weights.

1) Find a set of nylon leg stockings.
2) Then find a large pair of tube socks
3) Using a bathroom scale and a bowl, measure up 2 pounds of sand.
4) Place the sand into one of the legs on the leg stocking and tie it off on the open end.
5) Slide it into the tube sock and tie it.
6) Put shoe laces around each end of the tube sock
7) You now will have two 2-pound weights that you can use.
8) The ends of the shoestrings can then be used to help secure the weight to the ankle area.

One other thing that you can do would be to get a white trash can liner. But I like the sock, as it is more comfortable.

Broomstick barbell

You will need to either own a bench or build one to use the broomstick barbell. Easily done once you get to that home improvement store.

Remember those milk jugs? Well here they are again, and they will be key in building the broomstick barbell

1) Super glue the lids after you screw them back on to keep the sand from spilling out.
2) Cut off a long broomstick and force it through the plastic handles.
3) Get some strong tape to secure the jugs on the inside and outside of the broomstick. This will keep the jug from sliding around. Do this for both ends of the stick.
4) You have now built your broomstick barbell.
5) Use the broomstick barbell in your weightlifting workout for squats, curls, and bench presses.

Step it up a gear

  1. Get some coffee cans
  2. Purchase some concrete mixture and then pour it inside.
  3. Place the plastic lids over the cans and cut a hole large enough to hold and let the broomstick handle through.
  4. Make the handles at least 12 inches long
  5. Three inches to go into the concrete
  6. Six inches for the handle
  7. Put the broomstick into both cans and let it set to dry.
  8. Get some strong tape gain and tape the handles to make for a stronger grip.

These take more work to build, but will last longer and feel more secure.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where I’ll describe how to create a sandbag for your back yard weightlifting workouts.

See you in the comments.

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