Travelling S-curvishly with your kids

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Buzzers… Saturday…

The weekend has arrived. And for many… That means a summer with the kids. Since they’ll be at home from school @ holidays are here for them.

So maybe you can reply and tell me what that’s usually like, at this time of year (If you have kids). Because I’m sure that changes your daily schedule somewhat.

Which means that your Travel-curvish plans might change too.

With me located in the Asia region at present. It means I’ll have to keep my TC2.0 plans restricted to very ‘local’ spots. Since it’s the rainy season.

In fact… That applies to most people who live in countries close to the equator at this specific time.

Because you simply do not play around with typhoons, tsunamis or any of those things. They will take you away and possibly end your life.

But remember though… That just relates to TC2.0. And it is summer now.

So it is of course a great time to take longer Travel-curvish trips. Which means distance and location = unlimited.

For me… That would be somewhere like the location listed in today’s ‘what’s trending’ below. Since it’s going to be all sunshine there.

I’ll be on the move today. Which is why the newsletter is going out a little earlier than usual.

All of which… You should see via my FB stories. So keep on watching.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– Your butt is > far from basic.

– The > visor sunglasses… > Worn like

– TC2.0 = A little > further away from the popular Santorini in Greece.

– There are more ‘guys’ here, since becoming an S-curve experience. You know… Boyfriends/Husbands of S-curve members. And people that have crossed my path, throughout my increased travels in the past year.

If your guy is here. Or if you are a guy reading… Then It’s the S-curve meal structure via More buzz. Followed > by this as a back up/boost @ results.

Blueprint tips 

Just some observations from this weeks gym shenanigans…

#1 Do activities that you enjoy/Make you happy.

This is one of the things that will keep you on the wagon, for months and years to come. Because for most… Doing ‘just’ results focused stuff, can get boring. And can make you quit.

#2 Cheat snacking… You see me doing it all the time in my FB stories.

Fruit or D-F rated sweet things… Look forward to and embrace them. This also helps to keep you on the wagon.


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