Travel-curvish – And ‘Coming up for air’

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Buzzers… Sunday… Travel-curvish. It’s been a strong ‘come up for air’ and TC2.0 weekend for > quite a lot of us these past few days.

That’s a part of the S-curve formula. This is one of the things that’s encouraged. Wether you’re an S-curve member or not. But especially when you are a member. Because the whole point of becoming one. Is so that you stay on the wagon, for at least 3 months.

It’s the only way that you’ll get fixed @ mind, lifestyle and body.

It’s our goal to shorten the list of people, who start. And then fall off.

It’s going to happen. It’s just pure fact.

That’s one of the things that this free daily newsletter helps with, as a part of the S-curve formula (What I mentioned yesterday).

You might not realise it. But subconsciously. It helps you stay on the wagon, for years!

And I’m always posting the proof of this. In this newsletter. With screen shots of the chats that go on behind the scenes.

Which is arguably more important than before and after pics. Which is why we’ve evolved into S-curve member stories. Which you can see on the Stage 3 page via Morebuzz.

So yes… When you start. I might not know anything about you. And I’ll have to learn… Whilst throwing the S-curve formula weaponry at you, as a response.

But always keep in mind…That I’ll watch what you do. And not what you say.

Because I know. That if you’re starting. You’re ‘doing’ something that’s wrong for YOU. Regardless of the words that come out of your mouth.

There’s just too much past evidence to back this up.

Just remember though…

That going long term, has evolved too…

– Because we have become an S-curve experience (Involved in more areas, than just ‘body shaping’).

– Because you have a life… That YOUR long term approach must adapt to.

– Because everyone is different.

This is why you’re highly encouraged to jump into 121 chats on Messenger. Because everything is LIVE and in the moment in today’s world.

So whenever you see new stuff like…

> Hallow-curvish

> Premium + Digestible newsletter (Beta)

They’re introduced… As a response to what’s going on ‘today’.

And today… You’ll usually message first on Messenger. Before moving ahead with anything.

And remember… Everything that you do within this S-curve experience… Ties in with every other thing… That you do within this experience.

– Becoming S-curvish and the partner program.

– Travel-curvish trips.

– OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire shenanigans.

> Buzzcoin

– With a focus on earning $ from anywhere ‘at present’… It will evolve beyond that. With one useful thing @ being able to access your cash, without having to exchange it into another currency at expensive rates, when at an airport on TC2.0 trips.

– Shopping around on Amazon for > S-curve experience stuff. So keep on doing that.

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