Top 10 Red Wines – Time To Break The Rules

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I have talked about how to drink alcohol while working out to build muscle before, but the conclusion was that there really is no way to do both effectively. If you are working out for optimum results then your best bet is to cut out alcohol altogether.


The Bugmeister has encouraged you to break the rules before, and I’ll be doing that again today.


Because if you aren’t breaking the rules throughout your weightlifting life then what the hell is the point of living. You should eat and drink what the hell you want, when you want… just make sure that you break the rules in moderation.

But today’s rule breaking isn’t that bad though, as I am going to share with you 10 top red wines to have with your meal, with your partner in the evenings or on a chill out weekend (which I might just do this weekend). Red wine is good for your heart and most red wines contain around 160mcg of resveratrol for every ounce of red wine (You will want to consume around 640mcg/ 4 ounces of the stuff)


  • An antioxidant
  • Provides anti inflammatory effects to your heart
  • May prevent some forms of cancer

Now for the wines

Coyam Emiliana 2005

This one is from Chile, has a crazy depth of flavours, but is also elegant and well structured. If you are going to add it to food then the perfect foods to do it with are with roast chicken, red meat or monkfish.

Soluna Premium Malbec
From Argentina. This one has been Carefully made no doubt and tastes of autumn fruits on the palate. If you are talking food, then eat it with steak

Masi Tupungato Passo Doble 2006
Is Argentina again! but this time this wine has been blended with Argentinean Malbec grapes with semi-dried Corvina grapes from Italy (grapes also contain resveratrol) I call this one raisin and spice.

The Wine Society Cape Blend 2004
Tastes of black fruits and raisins. And it’s cheap… for you cheapo’s out there.

Poco Mas Carmenere 2006
This wine is packed with dark fruits and a touch of mint and spice (I love mint!). I found this out by chance, but guzzle this down while eating pizza. let me know the outcome on your next take away.

Bellingham Cabernet Sauvignon 2005
This is what i call the juicy wine. it is stacked with black fruits with violet aromas. On the food front, it’s all about the meaty casseroles.

Morande Carignan 2004
The fruity wine. Eat with roast pork and ‘good’ cheeses.

Angove’s Limestone Coast Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
From Australia. And contains a great taste of blackcurrant and mint. Its also stays true to that classic saying ‘ Like fine wine, it will only get better with age’

Lyngrove Platinum Shiraz 2004
From the Stellenbosch region of South Africa. A warming wine with a smoky finish. Just great!

Grant Burge Miamba Barossa Shiraz 2005
Flavoury mix! Red fruit flavours with vanilla-scented oak and black pepper. Long, long finish.

Christmas is coming up and you’ll probably be invited to many parties. If so, be sure to hint these wines to the party organisers.

Again… you ARE allowed to break the rules!

See you in the comments.

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