Tony Horton Recruits Morbidly Obese Woman For P90X

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That’s right folks. The man behind the program that I ‘supposedly’ knocked in ‘this post’ has mentioned today that he wants to transform the morbidly obese into muscle bound freaks.

He stated that, since finding success with P90X and changing the lives of so many, he now needed to find a new challenge, but he just couldn’t figure out what that challenge could be. He said that this idea came to him after he watched this program.

‘Why not do the impossible…’

‘Why not help the morbidly obese burn fat and build muscle!’

‘It may take a while until you see my first success story, but as we all know, challenges exist so that we can overcome them. I believe I can help these people do just that.’

He did state that he would have to create some kind of ‘Pre-P90X’ plan for these individuals, as their situations are quite unique. What’s unique here?

These people are FAT because they like to eat too much FOOD!

Whatever the case is, Tony Horton has now found new inspiration for 2010 and beyond, and one of the first individuals he wishes to reach out to is the lady in the video. Her name is Lisa Sellers and at the height of her ‘Food addiction’ she was consuming,

33000 calories… per day!

And she became morbidly obese because of this. I say… good luck Tony. You got your work cut out for you. That’s for sure!

The second set of people he wishes to target are kids, like this ‘then’ 7 year old.

He states that this is an entirely different goal as the challnges are very different.

  • Dealing with parents and how they feed their kids
  • Diet plans and weight loss only (Too young to build muscle the adult way)

Let’s just see what happens with this as this story ‘and idea’ develops. It could be another P90X success story, or just too much weight for Tony Horton to carry (pun intended). We will just have to see.

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