To Take Pre-Workouts or Not – Key Points To Consider

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If you have been seriously exercising or working out for any length of time you are more than likely to have come across the idea of pre-workouts. As the terminology suggests, a pre-workout is what you do before you get to your work out properly and it is mainly to do with nutrition and perhaps a little loosening. It could even be preparing you psychologically for your routine, run, or weight training session. This useful pre workout guide goes into even more detail should you choose to consult it.


A little bit of science

The bottom line is that your body requires energy to exercise and that energy comes via nutrition. Choosing what to fuel up with and exactly when to do so are probably the two most important considerations you should deal with. While protein is a major factor, you will need to consider carbs especially if you’re routine involve more sustained cardio regimes.

Your body produces the energy you need via nutrition and it does this especially well through the sugars in Carbohydrates as glycogen using your body’s insulin. Stocking up some carbs about 30 minutes before you work out is one suggested method of ensuring that those energy reserves are readily available to your body when it needs them.

Stocking up your energy supply

Choosing how to take on board the nutritional energy that your body needs for your work out can be done in a variety of ways that range from a snack to a full meal depending on what best suits the demands of your specific lifestyle. In the following, we take a look at your options and offer some suggestions as to how you might ensure that you are getting the most out of your pre-workout nutrition.


Pre-workout meals

Your pre-workout meal should be eaten about two hours before you intend to train and it needs to be rich in both natural carbs and protein. It is likely to be absorbed into your muscles and stored as ready energy for when your work out commences. Eating a substantial meal less than two hours before your work out is not such a good idea as it won’t have time to digest, you may feel bloated, and your body won’t gain the full nutritional benefit of it.

Natural foods are the key to the meals nutritional value with proteins such as chicken and tuna. Carbs in the form of brown rice or potatoes supplemented with fresh vegetables need to bring in around 400 calories. The aim is to feel satisfied but not bloated or ready to take an impromptu nap while your body uses up precious energy digesting your meal.


A pre workout snack

Pre workout snacks are the equivalent of a formula one “dash and splash” fuel up and pit stop.

Providing that you don’t take on board too much or create an annoying craving for more, they can work really well if you eat them about 30 minutes before you start your training regime. Keeping it light is essential and the carbs should be simple and noncomplex.

A few possibilities may be something along the lines of a little tuna on a couple of small slices of toast, natural Greek-style yogurt and berries, or a couple of hard-boiled eggs. A single banana is loaded with proteins, friendly natural sugars, and a healthy dose of potassium for good measure. The emphasis here is on tightly packaged fuel that is easy to digest.


Nutritional supplements and hydration  

While the jury is still out as to whether nutritional supplements are any more efficient than Mother Nature’s own pantry, they have been seen to produce results. Another serious consideration should be to ensure that you drink plenty of water during your pre-workout because you will need to maintain optimum hydration when exercising.

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