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We’ve been at this game for an entire decade now (Est. July 2009). Which you can clearly see in the archives.
And throughout our journey, we naturally gained a lot of experience and insights.
Mostly from working closely with all of you. And even interviewing some of you. Like with Shawn…
And it was around year 5. When we started doing 1 year predictions, for the following year.
And for the most part. Our yearly predictions have been correct.
For example…
In 2012. It wasn’t common to pull out your iPad/iPhone (Or now… Android tablet/device) in the gym. To load up a video workout and follow it.
In 2016… It became so.
But it was in 2012, when we created the initial S-curve program. Which contained the ‘anywhere S-curve workout’ videos.
In 2019… The S-curve workout isn’t even a hot thing any more. Which brings us to our most recent presentation.
Enter: Fall season 2018
Earlier… I stated that we gained a lot of insight into YOU, over time. And one thing that we kept on seeing. Is that all the issues that everyone was having. Was due to…
– Their mindset
– Their state of their mind
– Their lifestyle
Whenever we focused on those areas. Everyones results improved. Often times… At lightning speed…
It’s been 10 years doing this. And we never take our foot off the breaks. Because of that. We’re able to organically evolve into the things you need/want in your life.
– What items to offer
– How to structure your program
– The kind of t-shirt/apparel designs you might like
And in 2018. We made a decision and a prediction. That we were no longer going to present ourselves as a ‘program’.
And to instead… Become a platform for a desired way of living life (S-curve Xperience).
And that… Has been happening.
You see. A lot of what happened. Happened vis email newsletters. For many years in fact.
And as social media grew. We all began taking those email interactions. Onto social media platforms and messaging apps.
Today… There are many.
And the eco system has evolved in a way. That allows us to showcase this lifestyle in all it’s glory.
To first give YOU a great experience.
Every single day in 2019.
And it’s been working. Receiving messages like this….
On a near daily basis.
With that being said. Let’s answer that question above. Because everyone that has been messaging us in that way. Are doing so… Because they are enjoying the S-curve Xperience. Which officially kick started in fall season 2018.
So yes… Another correct prediction I think 🙂

Right. I’m on your website trying to see exactly what service/services you offer.

How exactly do you help people?

We’ve highlighted this a couple of times this year. But we will keep on doing it. Because 100’s of new people enter our world on a daily basis. And they… Just like you. Needs to be fully educated and involved. Before getting deeper into our world.
So let’s educate you in regards to what’s on offer. After you’ve enjoyed the Xperience via our newsletters and social media posts!

The ‘Skin in the game’ S-curve program

'Soft lean' #bikini-curvishly seated @camilapazchavez
‘Soft lean’ #bikini-curvishly seated @camilapazchavez
You can follow the newsletters. And end up getting results on your own.
The reason why a lot you message to start a program. Is because THAT. 
– Is time consuming
– Is information that isn’t tailored to you specifically
The keyword here… Being ‘specific’. Because us… Being deeper involved into what your daily life looks like. Is how we’re about to improve your results.
It’s been proven so. > Time and time again
So if you’ve been enjoy the S-curve Xperience, via social media posts and newsletters. Then hit the following button to officially start…
– 7-10 days of figuring out your plan
– $150/$300 for a pay as you go 4-6 week plan

Food and supplements

(Mostly supplements)
You can read all about how we operate in this arena > here.
– They are used to give natural foods a nutrient boost
– They are used as a replacement of D-F rated sweeteners. Like white sugar on cereals.
– They are used to help you go from 60-100% S-curvish… Quickly. Which is a process that takes longer than going from 0-60% S-curvish
You’ll find all of the supplement types that help with this. On the page above.

The items lists

We currently have A LOT of fun with this.
The ‘protocol’ items list, showcases the items that we have used to great benefit, throughout the S-curve Xperience over the years.
The new items list showcases the new items that we consistently find. That will be of use with the S-curve Xperience.
And you should absolutely look into them. With our current favorite product being…
Lectrofan Micro2 (Wireless)
Lectrofan Micro2 (Wireless)

Apparel and Merchandise

We’ve been creating products in this arena since 2011. And have recently kickstarted a new campaign. With a new selection of designs/slogans quotes. All of which… Are related to the things we post on a daily basis.
We do have a lot of fun with these. As do many other folks here. So dig in below to see if anything sparks your interests.

The S-curve member partner program

Everything that we do here. Is done so… To bring all of us closer together. To keep us all on the same page.
And you can learn about it in full detail > here.

To conclude

That’s it… For the most part.
But as always… You can direct message us, like most people are doing. To hear all of this, straight from our mouths.
Copy the code below to your web site.
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