Tis the S-curve experience (What it looks like)

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Buzzers… Saturday…

So this week… Has been all about breaking down what ‘Tis the S-curve experience’ really looks like.

And I am deep within it, more than ever before @ my own life.

Some highlights from that break down include…

– It’s an improved version of your daily life.
– Moments of serenity.
– It’s better to have a solid ‘daily life’ routine in place. And to embrace TC2.0, when stepping outside of that.

And yesterday… I ended up having two conversations in ‘the hub’.

The first… Was with an IT friend (A lot of international faces in this region).

The second… Was with one of the workers at the > mall in this hub. Where the cinema is (Along with everything else).

I see both of these people regularly (In passing). When I’m out and about.

They’ve also been added on my own FB. So they can see my lifestyle in full. So they ‘get it’. They are also curious and a little envious of it too (It’s my job to get them to start living a version of their own).

But the conclusion that we came to in our chats. Is that almost everyone wants to stay in shape or be healthy.

This time line kicks in…

– 18-25 Almost all physical goals
– 25-35 Physical, mental, lifestyle goals
– 35-45 Less physical, more mental, more health goals
– 45-60 All health and mental goalsBut most people don’t have any idea of what to focus on. Or what to continue to do for the long term.

And that’s where the S-curve formula comes in.

You have your phone – To watch and follow the videos on… Regardless of where you are, at any given time.

You have access to 121 chats – With me at any time.

You have your TDE video – Which you do as you wake up or go to bed. Which is important. Because you won’t always be able to do full workouts.

You have access to a supermarket – This is easy. Because the 121 chats and your member page, continuously teaches you what to do with food.

This is where both of those people are screwing up. They basically eat any junk, when it’s time to eat. The reason why… Is because they have no guidance.

This is why fixing your mindset is #1 on here. Because a fixed body has to come, right after it is fixed.

These folks aren’t heavy internet users either. And they’re either…

#1 Too busy with every day life…
#2 Or… They’re being sucked into the social media world. Namely the news feeds (Like watching TV). Where they’re looking into the lives of others. So ‘distraction’ is a reason why they are fudging up.
Remember… Becoming S-curvish, isn’t the heart of these conversations. Having a fixed lifestyle… Is.That… Is why we have become an S-curve experience.


I’ll continue to bring these stories to you, when they happen. Because it’s all real. The solutions we offer, are indeed needed.

But as usual… People need to be put into the zone of being fixed.

And that’s why you’re reading this newsletter. So that you continuously enter that zone. Every single day.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– Going for an > S-curvish walk/hike

– > Hungry babies

– The > waterproof bluetooth speaker

– > Instant Knockout

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