Tis the S-curve experience and I am living it…

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Buzzers… Monday…

It’s a brand new week. So let’s begin…

”Tis the S-curve experience and I am living it…”

That was one of my FB stories from last week (Gone now… They only last 24 hours… So tune in).

And it’s true. It’s been that way for the longest time now.

Every little thing I personally do… IS the S-curve experience. The more that people hang out with me… The more they’ll start living it too. It just creates a happy and abundance mindset.

And if we can’t hang out in person. It’ll happen online.

It’s all been a natural progression.

> No Nonsense Butt Building ebook (2011)
> Operation S-curve (2012)
> S-curve ‘long term’ member program launch (2014)
> ‘High end’ (2016)
S-curve experience (2017-18)

See… All natural. Mostly based on reactions… To what everyone has wanted/needed in their life.

Like TC2.0.

That is a very ‘women orientated’ thing. Guys don’t instigate those trips. Women do.

And they’ll do it as much as they can. And are always on the hunt for new experiences. Which is why they’re being posted everyday via @fitbuzz social profiles.

And in terms of becoming S-curvish..

Today… We’ve naturally progressed into > Pay as you go.

> FB stories.
> Reply to those stories to start chats.
> If we need to start a plan… We do it via a tailored Paypal link… With an FB chat calendar date attached

to it (If we don’t start on the day).

Almost everyone who has started this year, has started this way. It’s a very hands on, flexible and long term arrangement.

Which we have no problem with. Because operating like that. Works hand in hand with how we actually live, throughout this S-curve experience.


– Needs to slow things down during these summer months? Goes on a Lifestyle Phase.

– September is coming… Needs to start in August for 4-6 weeks and go ‘hard at it’ via a Results Phase.


If you feel like you need to force yourself into getting started. Then do what I’ve said to do recently. Which is… To pay a little first. And start after. Because then you have no choice but to turn up.

If so… Just jump on the > new stage 1.

Once you’re in… We’ll get to talking and take it from there.

So… That’s where we are today.

Trending in S-curve world today?

– > Return of the beast.

– Become a bikini-curvish > captain of a boat this summer.

– Good old > whey @ last weeks supplement focused chats.

Blueprint tips

FB stories and chats. That’s how to deliver the best ones for YOU.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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