TIS THE S-CURVE EXPERIENCE (An ‘epic’ explanation)

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Today’s topic… Is due… To all the new people that have arrived here in recent weeks. As fall season heats up. And… As we continue to embrace Tis the S-curve experience.

It’s due… Because a lot of people don’t know about our past. I mean… It has been 9 years since initiation @ read this.

We’re 100% proud of our past. And what we did during 2010-2017, will continue on… Via:

– Helping women Become S-curvish

– Travel-curvish 2.0 focus

But again… A lot of newer followers, only see what they see ‘today’. So right now. It’s about putting our concrete message out there. So that everyone is on the same page!

– Become S-curvish (For women AND men – > The differences are explained here)


– Improved daily lifestyle

– Travel-curvish 2.0 (Usually instigated by the women… Girlfriends, wives, daughters…)

And maybe you might be/become a fan of the new spin off section @ > S-curvish gamer girl.

Becoming S-curvish for women and men!

Let’s dig in shall we…

This website that you’re on… Started off as a solution for myself, back in 2009.

I had just had a few rough years. Starting my first couple of businesses. Reading books like this…

(Some things I agree on ‘today’… Some things I don’t… ‘today’.

And learning from Paul Graham’s (From Y-combinator) free blog (Circa 2007).

Shit… I learned more from his blog. Than ALL of what I learned in my college/university years in the UK!

I’ve learned a lot of shit over the years. So I’m not even sure if I still apply what I learned, during that time.

Looking back… Part of the problems that I had. Was due to lack of knowledge/in-experience. But also… Not. As some things that I was doing. Had also been strategies @ how others before me… ‘Won’… In the game of ‘business’.

This was 2005-2009 though. The world is a little different today.

Anyway… I had been physically fit my entire life, up until that point. Shit got pretty fucked up during those years above. So it was time for a fix. Out of body AND business frustration. And so… Stayfitbug.com was born.

Articles > like this… Took off… On the Y-combinator forum (Although I think that article is mediocre by today’s standards. And even by my own…).

And for the next 2 years. The site became popular.

Tons of comments, shares, back links…

I was new to all of that, at the time. But that stuff is still important today (Even more so). And of course. My physique got back on track.

Along with all the men who followed on the site. Like Mr. Ale from Argentina.

But it was around 2010… When I created a new Facebook page. It quickly went viral.

It was started… By posting women who I had done video interviews with. Like Miryah…

And then… Associates who I had connected with during that time.

As time went on… I started getting requests to help women.

It was around 2011-12, when the ‘S-curve’ was born. Which had an ebook and video package called Operation S-curve.

Which exploded, due to Instagram and the ‘then app chats’ like Insta-message and Kik. And the years following that… Progressed into a high-end 12-18 month program. Which you can see on > this page.

But since 2017… The men have started to return to S-curve world.

Maybe it was instigated by the husbands and boyfriends of the women that I did 121 coaching plans with. Since they saw the results first hand. And wanted to get involved.

Or maybe it was because of all the offline networking I was doing that year.

The women I met, were indeed fans of Travel-curvish 2.0.

So that was ‘clarity’ for me @ a feature that was becoming a part of the S-curve experience.

But the men I met… Were very intrigued.

Not because they were men, who liked to look at women (Naturally… Of course). But mostly because they hadn’t seen bodies like these before…



@ ‘Soft lean’, real boobs, epic butt, tiny waist, S-curve.

And… Because a lot of them had wives and girlfriends who they wanted to get involved.

So today… It’s official. We help both men AND women. The main differences in the way that we approach both sex’s… Can be explained in > this article.

And some other worthy reads =

> What a 12 month plan looks like in 2019

> The official @fitbuzz supplements list

– S-curve blueprint tips (Part 1 and part 2)

For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire

We organically grew into this area. And today… I can tell you why.

You see… The women who got involved…

Didn’t get involved because they wanted to know how to workout. Or even eat right.

They wanted a mindset, body and lifestyle fix. But knew that working out and eating right, was s part of that.

And it’s a pretty hard process to get right, for your typical ‘busy person’. These women were and still are (From the Hall of fame link above)…

– Final year students (Stephanie)

– Mom of 1-3 kids (Anne, Monica, Sharon [No pic due to privacy])

– Career professionals

– Small business owners (Elizabeth)

All busy as shit! All women who I still talk to, 4-6 years later! And with that improvement… Comes ‘looking great’, in the clothes that you wear. In all possible scenarios.

It’s just that you are seen by the most people… During times when wearing OOTD/OOTN/bikini attire.

So… Via our associates… We began focusing on starting program’s… With that as the goal. And this…

Improved daily lifestyle

I myself, displayed a shining example of what this is supposed to look like. Back in 2017. Just take a look through this entire photo album.

This one too @ Boracay (More on this in the next section though)

But let me bullet point some key attributes…

– Eating out… With a new mindset on nutrition.

– Enjoying food menus in restaurants, from all around the world.

– Roof top bars and restaurants (Ideally in warm climates)

– A protocol mindset… In regards to what needs to be eaten everyday. It’s all habit building stuff. Stuff that you begin to do naturally. Due to all the 121 coaching and member page help you got from > starting.

Travel-curvish AND 2.0!

That’s the big goal for a lot of members who become S-curvish. You fix your body. And take yourself on trips. To less popular, yet awesome looking beach, hiking, camping destinations.

That’s what the 2nd photo album above was about. That was when I coached 1 lady. That turned into a group of ladies. Both of whom succeeded. And we went on a trip. Using the money they paid with… To start their program’s (Plug = That’s what the new > S-curve member partner program is all about).

You see the Instagram and Pinterest links under ‘Where we live’… Over on the right side bar…

Go there to scan what these locations look like. Here’s a couple of videos from my own TC2.0 trips.


Travel-curvish = 2-3 weeks away… Usual to places like Hawaii or Bora Bora.

Travel-curvish 2.0 (The focus) = 2-4 hours away (From home) for 2-4 days. Usually a long weekend. It’s the focus… Because the reality for most people. Is that 2-3 weeks away is rarely do-able… As a busy adult. And with a 2-4 day focus. You can easily fit in at least one trip every 4-6 weeks. Which also acts as an injection of motivation, every time you go on one. Which of course… Helps you stay S-curvish.

And don’t even try and do workouts on these trips. It just doesn’t work. Use the time to truly ‘come up for air’

I think it’s now clear as ever… Why TC2.0 is the most fun part of what the above has been described… As the S-curve experience.

To conclude

As you can see… All of this has been one big evolutionary process. So keep on watching this space.

– Sign up to the post notifications on this website. Pops up when you first arrive.

– Sign up to the > Messenger newsletter (Yes… THIS link)

– Go to ‘where we live’ on the right side bar… And follow @ every place on there.

By doing so… You will ‘feel’ the S-curve experience. Done!

P.S. The comments section below used to be ‘on fire’ back in the day! I’m not sure what happened to them. But they got lost in transition between the 2012-2016 S-curve frenzy. So help me light up the comments section below, once again. By leaving a comment @ your thoughts!

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