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Buzzers… Sunday…

My geekwend continues on. Which you may have noticed if you have me added on Facebook. And/Or… If you’re a person who scans the main feed.

The weekend in S-curve world, usually means zero 121 coaching sessions (Kind of instigated by TC2.0 activity). And a lot ‘more’ of the other stuff that you can see on > More buzz @ managing it.

It’s the final day of the week. Which means we’re going to RECAPO shortly.

But before we do… If there’s ones hot bucket list trip that you NEED to take. It’s to the French Polynesia region. Or even > Bora Bora to be specific.

It really is one of those special spots. Even out of the many wonderful spots that exist in the world.

If you can’t get there any time soon though. Hit any of islands that sit in between Hawaii and the Phillippines

(Yup… That huge stretch of ocean).

It is the rainy season in that part my of the world right now though. And you really don’t want to get caught

out in a storm or category 3-5 typhoon (It’s serious shizzle… I’ve sat through them. So don’t play about).

So like I said the other day… Keep ya eyes peeled.

Either way… Travelling to an island in that region is a must do. Bring ya > Gopros> drones and all of that

good stuff. Make it a ‘Travel-curvish’ (1-2 week) trip.

And make sure you are > 90-100% S-curvish before you go too. Which means spending some time on > Pay as you go.



– Effective S-curve bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere during your summer shenanigans and TC/TC2.0 trips.


– What an S-curve workout + Day looks like, in S-curve world ‘today’.


– Some of the ingredients that make up the S-curve formula.


– Become a random S-curve member (Because you might surprise yourself).
– Being careful on Travel-curvish + 2.0 trips.


– This… Is how to build the perfect butt (And everything else) and keep your sanity whilst doing it.


– The evolution of online communication… Within S-curve world too.

Tomorrow and that stuff down below.


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