Tips for Staying Fit in an Unfit Household

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At one time or another everyone tries to improve their physical and/or mental well being. Sometimes you need to make simple adjustments while other times you need change that requires intense challenges. Choosing a program that works best for you is hard enough but it is not often taken into consideration the environment you will need to be successful. Surrounding yourself with positivity, encouragement and especially no temptation whatsoever will make your journey a much smoother and triumphant journey.

Look around  and assess your environments, including your home, your work and even the places you play. Ask yourself if they are places you feel safe and comfortable enough to struggle and succeed. Do not only look at the people you are surrounded by but also take a more in depth look at the actual atmosphere such as the light, décor, smell and more. Your major concern will be your household because this is your ultimate sanctuary. Some basic tips can be applied to staying fit in an unfit household that may also end up becoming an encouragement to those around you. Most of all stay steadfast and unwavering in your plight making sure that nothing will stop you from achieving your goal.


This is the biggest challenge across the country if not the world. Statistics vary but overall, approximately thirty percent of people ages twenty and older are overweight. Whether it is a few pounds to the national epidemic of obesity, losing weight is on most people’s agenda at one time or another. With such a high number it is no wonder so many seem to fail. Unless an entire household subscribes to a diet change, one individual is going to have a much harder go at it. If this is the case for you, below are some ideas you can try.


When dieting it may be a good idea to educate yourself first. So many people have such hectic lives that researching their attempt at dieting before they actually do it can be a difficult task. However, it may be worth the effort not only for you but for those around you. Whether they decide to join you or not at least they will have the information that you are using to lose weight and in turn just may be more encouraging. Look for statistics, food choices and their benefits, longevity results and how happiness may play a role, especially if it is enhanced.
Once you have done your research, start talking about it without being too obvious. Say something to the effect of, “Hey, did you know that eating a grapefruit in the morning can stimulate your metabolism? I never knew that.” Sporadically leave paper reports you printed out around your home (especially in the bathroom) or subscribe to one or two health magazines that encourage dieting and exercise. Little nuggets like these will eventually sink into the surrounding psyche which will hopefully, in turn, encourage you.


When embarking on a diet you can either do it yourself or join a weight loss program. Either way, the food you eat will be paramount in sustaining your mission. If you purchase special foods, make sure they are labeled or put it in an area where no one will eat it. If you aren’t usually the cook, offer to prepare a low calorie meal for the whole family or encourage the person that does do the cooking by offering a new recipe and a helping hand.

Stay Away from Temptation

It is important to remove yourself activities that encourage unhealthy eating habits. This is a bona fide tactic often used for drug addicts and alcoholics and isn’t something you have to consider if you’re good at self-control. Basically, if you are not around junk food, especially in the beginning stages, you will not be susceptible to the temptation. It can be hard at first but once you are on a solid track you may eventually be able to be around it without succumbing to it. This means you will have to remove yourself from cooking (if you are the family chef), family dinners, snacking and shopping. Explain your tactic and ask for encouragement that will make you a healthier, happier family member in the long run.


Exercise goes hand in hand with dieting so you are most likely doing both at the same time. If you are not fortunate enough to be able to afford a gym membership then doing it at home is your only other choice. This means that you will need the time and space to achieve your exercising goal. Lay out a plan with your family members on what it is you need in terms of both time and space and be sure to always encourage them to join you.
Changing your life can be a difficult, yet exciting at the same time. If you can tackle an unfit household environment and gain encouragement or better yet encourage change for all, your success is almost guaranteed!
About the Author: Jennifer Blanche is a full time registered ultrasound technician and mother of three. She has a difficult time fitting healthy eating and exercise routines into her daily schedule but encourages everyone with a goal to do their best to change their lifestyles – one step at  a time.

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