Tips for Healthy Immune Function in the Summer Sun

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Most people are worried about their immune system during the fall and winter months because the cold weather taxes your natural homeostasis. At the same time, many people get sick during the summer for one reason or another. Del Immune helps keep your immune system healthy throughout the entire year so that you can fight off colds and other illnesses with ease. Here are a few things that you can do to boost your immune system during the summer.

Eat Fruits and Berries

Fruits, especially berries, are full of antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients that can significantly boost your immune system. This season is full of powerful produce that can really help you fight off any bacteria or virus that tries to infiltrate your body. Not only that, but all of the fruits are tasty. The extra fruit will also supply your body with more water, which will make it easier to flush out any invaders. Free radicals are no match for the vitamins in berries.

You don’t need to go crazy, but at least two or three servings of berries and other fruits will help improve your immune system. This is a good tip for every season, but it’s best during the summer.

Reduce Stress

Summer is one of the best times of the year to have fun. At the same time, many people are stressed about work and other factors. While some stress is good because it motivates you to get stuff done, too much stress can hurt your performance, health and immune system. If you are finding it difficult to control your stress, then consider doing something to help you unwind.

Some people will be able to reduce their stress by just sitting around and relaxing while others must be moving and active. Summer is the best time to relax because there are so many opportunities for you to have fun.

Make Friends

Many studies have found that people with friends and strong social bonds are about 50 percent less likely to get sick than those with poor social bonds. Researchers aren’t exactly sure why this happens, but it has been proven by a variety of unique studies. Summer is the best time to make friends because you can volunteer and help people, go on group nature hikes or join a club that caters to your interests.

Light BBQs

While summer is full of fun and healthy activities, there are a few that can actually damage your health. BBQs are often full of fatty meats and processed foods that will expand your gut and your likelihood of getting sick. This is because most of these foods are little more than empty calories and they will introduce free radicals into your body.

There’s nothing wrong with eating a few burgers and guzzling soda, but try keeping your health in mind. Replace burgers with chicken and just drink one or two cans of soda before switching over to water. Just remember your overall food intake and you should be fine.


While you can easily exercise during the other seasons in a gym or your basement, there’s nothing like taking a run outside in the summer sun. Not only will you receive a lot of vitamin D from the sun, but the exercise itself will help improve your immune system. This is because exercise reduces stress, reduces your risk of developing many conditions like osteoporosis and it will strengthen your body so that it can better resist bacterial or viral invaders.

Good Sleep

Some people might find it difficult to get a good sleep during the summer months because it’s hot, bright and you might want to stay up and have fun. The truth is that getting at least seven hours of sleep will dramatically improve your immune system because it gives your body time to heal and recover. Most people that get a healthy amount of sleep are less likely to get sick, injured or stressed.


While most people don’t get sick during the summer, it’s important to keep your immune system strong. Not only will this help you enjoy the warmer months, but keeping your immune system consistently strong will help you fight off viruses as it begins to get colder.

Ron Thompson writes for Del-Immune V®, a unique probiotic supplement made from the lactobacillus rhamnosus which is a natural immune system boosterand offers how to treat sinusitis. Del Immune helps keep your immune system healthy in many ways.

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