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Buzzers…. Nomday… (That’s what we’ll call our Mondays from now on. Since ‘food’ plays such a big role on here :P)

Today’s headline

That’s a goodbye to another year (Nearly). But to now prepare you for the new one. Especially if you’ve never

been a member or long term member before (It’s never ‘new’ if you have been a member… You’ll understand
‘why’ once it happens).

But in regards to saying hello to a new year… I’ll just let > this page explain… @ 6 week 24/7 dinner date.

Onwards with the day….

Science + learning from real world results.

That’s how the S-curve formula has been created, ever since we started on this journey.

So it’s…

#1 All that text book stuff + Evolved using today’s technology (Mostly that tailoring calculator, that we still use

behind the scenes).

#2 > This entire feed.

That 2nd point is important. Because all that scientific stuff from #1… Can’t ever understand…

– When you have hissy fits.
– When you wake up and are simply not feeling it.
– When you have drama moments with work or family.

You need a real person to have your back in those areas.

That’s why the 121 coaching chats originally started. And it’s why I got back on the podcast recently (Others

will come through soon).

Because then… YOU can hear about this stuff going on, with people who are just like you.

Anyway… Understand. That’s how we’ve created everything thus far. And will continue to do so, in

terms of ‘fixing you’.

Your goals will probably change


– 18-25 Almost all physical goals
– 25-35 Physical, mental, lifestyle goals
– 35-45 Less physical, more mental, more health goals
– 45-60 All health and mental goals

There are members/FitBuzzers who have been active for 3-5 years. And we’ve seen how they’ve changed in
that time. Especially those under 30 years old. As each year in those ages, can feel like a big leap.

But all of those changes have been factored into your regime. Which is why it’s important for us to connect

121. As you can only get a real fix from someone or something, that truly understands you.

That’s the inspiration behind this years 6 week fall season program! (That first link above)

Because all of the members that succeeded this year… Went through that. And we always want the following

year to outdo the previous year.

And even when you aren’t active as a member (Usually after you’ve succeeded on stage 3). Always reach out

if you feel the need to. Your messages will always be embraced.

Which you’re going to be doing anyway… With the ‘food finds’ and TC2.0 pics that you’ll be sending :P.

> Morebuzz… Reply and/or message to talk. Because the stuff that we talk about, will be
further discussed in the next newsletter.


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