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It’s been a quiet weekend for me. But it had to be. As next week will be a different story. Again… There should be pics from the upcoming shenanigans, in the album of the same name, on the FB profile that  you see at the end of every newsletter.

But let’s end the weekend with some blueprint tips… That might result in the reaction @ today’s headline.

#1 Food… Supplements…

It’s all about the ingredients.

If you have good ingredients, you get boosted results. And if you have good food combos, you get great tasting meals.

Like > this one from Monday…

With food… You all know about A-C rated foods. You can spice some of them up with fruit. Since they  usually taste bland.

If you find any other foods to spice it up. It just needs to be low in saturated fat. That’s it. And to ensure that your mono-poly fat intake doesn’t exceed 40-50 grams daily.

With supplements… The ‘ingredients rule’ applies again.

These things are always improving/changing. So we sometimes introduce or talk about new ones that come about on here… Outside of the protocol supplements @ whey and casein (Which we also use to spice up some foods… Like oats).

#2 Honey… I shrunk my butt…

There’s a high probability that your butt might shrink slightly, if you’re shredding into an S-curve physique.

It happened to > Pam and Alicia.

Just understand that it’s only temporary. And that it’s an OK ‘thing’. As it’s not really possibly to shred and grow into an S-curve at ‘exactly’ the same time.

It’ll always be a tailored approach to regrow it (Or tweak weeks exercise variation modules on a lifestyle phase @ less 121 coaching). And it will of course grow back, better than before.

But in terms of exercises… You can focus on the following. Or progressing to them…

– Feet raised quadruped hip extension (Hard)

– Hyper extended standing lunges with a dumbbell held vertically at your chest (Medium)

– 45 degree laying abductions (Medium)

#3 Are you a long term member from pre-2012-2015?

If so… You will already know that a lot has changed since then. Even the world has changed a lot since then.

Now… If you are from ‘those times’. Then you would still have a member page.

Today… That has become a LIVE update member page. Which means that you already have a ‘story so far’.

That story will become your new S-curve member story, the moment you restart and continue today.

This is great. Because you get to re-see what the 2012-2015 YOU… Was doing. As I’m sure you’ve forgotten by now.

Tomorrow… That announcement that I spoke about on Friday.
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