This ‘strong bond’ will change your fudging life…

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That’s the ultimate goal when you officially start as an S-curve member. That is… To build a super duper 121 relationship. Most of which will happen via Messenger text/audio/video chats.
Because that ‘bond’, is one of keys to changing your fudging life (Fudge = Our ‘F’ word… If you’re unfamiliar).

That’s what the ‘now’ S-curve experience is all about @ operation strong bond.

I’m personally living it everyday too. Which makes it very easy for ME to relate to what you’re going through, at any given time.

Apart from all the #savetheboobs and butt stuff of course. Ha.

That strong bond… Is what will get you through the…

– Typical summer fall off period
– The Thanksgiving and Christmas fall off (A binge period that we actually use to our advantage)

And we know it works. Because S-curve members started push through with both of those things, more than ever this year. The lifestyle phase shenanigans are responsible for that. But it’s also due to the ‘strong bond’ that’s been created with members.

And… Because we’re experiencing more results phases right now. In a lifestyle phase season.

Which means, that there’s no such thing as a ‘fall off period’ any more. As a ‘strong bond’ long term S-curve member.

Because now… Whatever we have to do… Gets done. Regardless of the time of year.

We’ve been building up to this point for the past 3-5 years. And it’s paying off. Because S-curve members are winning all round @ not just with physical results.

I’ll keep posting the > screen shots of 121 chats, so that you can see what I see, daily. That way… YOU can ‘feel it’ too, if you’re not an active S-curve member… Yet.

The other place that you NEED to be… Is on the profile link below. Or on the @fitbuzz FB page


Because then… You’ll get to see the S-curve experience via pics, videos and chats.

So welcome to the S-curve experience, oh mighty Fitbuzzer newsletter reader!

And remember… We’ve only added features, benefits or changes to the experience… That make sense. I can personally explain the reasoning behind each one (Most of what you see listed on that link above).

Once again… Operation strong bond FTW!

Let’s have some S-curve blueprint tips

#1 There’s 3 types of food lists in the S-curve formula right now. And one unofficial lifestyle phase list. Which you’ll use more once you get closer to 90-100% S-curvish.

– The A-C rated S-curve meal structure foods list

– Foods that contain a high nutrient, that is rare for it’s food type (Protein in wild rice)

– Foods that have a higher than usual amount of grams, for it’s food type (Carbs in bulgar wheat)

And here’s the ‘start’ of that fruit list again… @ high in spikey fast digesting carbs.
– Apricots, raisins, peaches and prunes

Which is different than the A-C rated fruit list. Which you’ll also use more, some time around 40-70%


#2 Old but goldie S-curve formula blueprint tip…

Generic ‘heavy’ variation squats and deadlifts… Just cut them out completely, If it’s the > S-curve physique that you’re after… > After

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