THIS… Is why you’re losing + Damn… Coronavirus did THAT?

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People of S-curve world…
It’s actually a Q & A kind of day. That’s just the first answer to the question… Why you are losing…
Especially when the goal is to look like…
Swimsui-curvish moments @eujessicadourado
Swimsui-curvish moments @eujessicadourado
So let’s get into it…

THIS… Is why you are losing…

The short answer =
There’s just something that YOU’RE not doing.
I’ve already said that though, on many different occasions. And I will talk about it again.
But here’s the first reason.
Put your damn ego away
I see this time and time again…
People jump into the DM’s on their high horse. Acting like their sh*t doesn’t stink. Like they’re some kind of ‘know-it-all’.
Forgetting the fact that they are inside of an inbox, asking/querying someone about getting help.
It’s ‘adult syndrome’ kicking in. Thinking one should know more, due to ones age.
One great thing about starting businesses… Is that the process humbles you. Or just starting anything with the intention of being great at it.
If you’re failing… That’s what YOU need to do.
Just admit that you don’t know sh*t. It’s OK.
It’s what I do. Especially when embarking on something new. Like when I first jumped on (Currently now in a place to show YOU the ropes).
All the successful S-curve members that you’ve seen to-date…
It’s what they did too…
They simply sat back… And absorbed everything we threw at them. Like a sponge in water.
Something you’re not doing
The ah-ha moment kicks in A LOT quicker… For those who become a sponge that soaks up water.
Not so much for the ‘high-ego’ folks.
But it’s true…
If you’re not succeeding with something… The way that you see others doing.
There’s just something you’re not doing, that they are.
I won’t get into the specifics… In regards to any goal.
But in regards to Becoming S-curvish… There’s a few posts you can dig into…
THIS is the reason why S-curve world ‘people’ succeed
– Explaining the elements of the S-curve formula
That’ll give you some idea on the areas that you might be missing out on.
Now… If you’re a ‘hands on’ kind of person. You’ll eventually figure out what that is.
But if you…
– Want to save time
– Want to KNOW what works well for YOU
Then it’s all about being an S-curve member for a short while (1-3 months is the norm in 2020).
Seriously… It’s the only true way to solve YOUR problems.
To simply connect on a deeper level with a business/Individual, that has succeeded in the arena you want to win in, MANY times over.

More S-curve Partner Program talk (Individuals)

I live inside chat apps daily. And the following topics always come up…
When talking about the S-curve Partner Program
– To act as a back up plan.
– The internet, trends… They change fast, frequently and sometimes unexpectedly.
So the no.1 thing you’ll want to do, is let the world know about YOU…
Not your products or services.
You are a constant variable in this thing we call ‘life’.
Your products and services are not. They’re just variables within you. Which will change and die.
– Do you look S-curvish?
– Are you living a variation of the S-curve Xperience lifestyle?
If so… Message… You’ll get promoted for free, across our online/offline platforms (Approx 1 million people). And listed on this page…
Going even deeper into the S-curve partner program (Part 2) 

The Coronavirus – S-curve Partner Program (Businesses/Individuals)

So… I just talked about having a back up plan.
In 2019… We saw Instagram and Facebook shut down for almost a week. Due to whatever technical difficulties they had (About 1 year ago).
The world is now a digital market place… When it comes to business.
If any of those platforms fail. And if your business is thriving because of your activities on those platforms.
Then… Your business is going to take a hit.
– Relationships
– Communication channels (Chat apps/ Text groups – Add 09162478906 on Viber/Whatsapp)
Is what can save you.
You have control over those. And it’s exactly what I relied on in 2019.
As you may have seen…
I constantly preached about meeting 1-5 new people daily.
By working in public places. Just like this…
But as we have entered 2020… We now have a new unforseen threat. That prevents me from even doing that…
The coronavirus
You may not know this. But I’m a big fan of the automative industry.
In fact, I draw a lot of ideas from it… To then embrace them within the S-curve Xperience.
And one of the biggest yearly events that takes place in that industry, got cancelled. Due to coronavirus (The Geneva Motor Show).
As the Swiss officials cancel gatherings of more than 1000 people. Due to fears of the virus spreading.
Heck… Here’s a video of the elevator buttons, in a condo that I’m staying in.
So yes… It’s being made out to be a serious thing.
So once again…
– If travel comes to a halt
– If meet ups can’t happen as often
Then we still have our communication channels to make business continue on thriving.
As we can simply sit indoors, twiddle our thumbs, crack open videos, LIVE videos and get to work.
As peoples eyeballs will be glued to their devices.
Even more so, now that ‘travel’ may happen less.
No ‘conclusion’ on this day. Just highlighting/reporting what’s going on in the chats.
As usual… Just message or comment to ask about stuff.


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Just email us via [email protected] if you think you/your business will be a right fit in S-curve world!
Remember… > This post (amongst others) encourages you to jump into the S-curve Partner Program.
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