This is why you have nooo butt…

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I’ll get into the headline in just a sec.

First… Let’s get this month ‘butt party’ started!


> S-curve Bikini Challenge (Final Phase)

We’re Upping the ante

For those of you shredding fat/maintaining for summer… It’s round 2 on the Epic Butt

Bodyweight Circuit + The rest of your tailored plan. In short… It’s ‘precise’ for the next 60 days.


To beat last years hall of fame results!

Fall season warm up plan

Things tend to change around August/Sept. And even if they don’t… It’s always a good time to

refocus your goals and to end the year with a bang…

**Silver and gold plan bonuses**

You see those green ticked boxes over on silver/gold? Well… You’ll get to take advantage of

that for THIS WEEK ONLY, if starting on ‘S-curve Final phase’ or ‘bronze butt’ this week.

Back to the headline…

This is why you have nooo butt…

This came about due to some 121 chat session topics.

– Not eating all listed meals consistently or enough (Variety).

– Not being pushed to do things aka 121 coaching sessions (BIG ONE this..)

– Not lifting heavy enough or following the strength progression guide.

– Not sleeping enough

– Doing sh**ty exercises

– Not doing your tailored daily exercises (In this case, one for abs, one for butt).

– It’s all ‘science’.

– Managing the mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual…

– Working around your ‘life’ schedule.

– Remember… S-curve results happen @ 30, 90 or 180 days. Which one, mostly depends

on your current body fat %.

We tick all of the above, you get super results. Which is the 4-6 week results you see 

in the hall of fame.


Today’s > ‘Morebuzz’

S-curve Bikini Challenge Official Plans


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