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You came up for air at the weekend? I sure did, as you all saw. And you’re encouraged to do the same.

Even if it’s the mandatory one hour a day.

We’ll get into some blueprint tips shortly. But first… Let’s talk about what life actually looks like once

you get to 90-100% S-curvish.

#1 The less fat you have, the quicker you’ll get there, The more fat you have, the longer it’ll take @ basics.

#2 You’ll end up focusing a lot more on maintenance than anything else. Yes… You’ll be ‘soft lean’. And it’ll

be hard to ever become less-curvish ever again.

But on the flip side, you’ll have an increased metabolic rate (@ Fat will fall off and stay off).

Which means that one screwed up week of not following your S-curvish meal structure, can set you back


Ok… It’s more like one month. But the damage is being done @ one week of screwing up.

#3 Of course… You’ll focus more on eating S-curvishly than working out. Which is a big lifestyle phase goal.

#4 You’ll have the best feeling of satisfaction when…

– It’s time to book a > travel-curvish trip
– It’s time to go clothes shopping
– It’s time to get naked in any situation that requires you to (Umm… Kiss/kiss moments with your hubby)

#5 You’re a pro now. You’ve succeeded and know what it takes to succeed at that level (It’s pretty easy once

you’re active on bronze/gold).

So naturally… You’ll want to challenge yourself further.

– You’ll start to go really deep with nutrition ‘fun’. You’ll start to look at restaurant food menus… Digging into

food types and meals. In regards to taste and nutrient density.

– You might end up on @fitbuzz social media profiles, as a @fitbuzz partner (Where you can start to ‘guide’ friends/family/associates through the 6-18 month/1-5 year program process).

#5 Things won’t always be smooth on your long term journey. Just like they aren’t for you today.

So you’ll jump on > stage 4 from time to time. Which is what happened with Steph and a few others this


And of course… You’ll be entered into an S-curve member story. Like you can see at the bottom of

> this page @ members who started 3-5 years ago.

Yup… That’s the 5 year timeline shenanigans.

Blueprint tips

#1 I’ve started to play around with the Messenger bot a little more. So if you don’t add ‘me’ on messenger.

Then doing so via any @fitbuzz website that you visit via > More buzz, will add you to the @fitbuzz FB
messenger. Where there’s a new interactive guide on the S-curve lifestyle. Which of course, you can reply

to at any time.

And… Where it’s easy to revisit the interactive guide. As it sits in your inbox permanently.

#2 Have tiny ‘sprinter’ ankles/calves? Do the bleep test sprints bare footed on sand @ exercise variety to

trigger different muscle fibers.

#3 Tupperware foods if you’re busy =

– Dry fruit (Or unpeeled liquid fruit)
– Nuts (High in mono/poly fats and low in saturated) – See pecan and pistachio
– Seeds – (The same as nuts. But eye up the protein/carbs and fiber grams too) – See chia seeds

That’s nutritions answer to keeping you on the fit wagon. Just like the TDE videos are the workouts answer to keeping you ‘on’.

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