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It’s a new day and we’re still fresh in fall season 2017. So we’re going to talk about what ‘typically’ happens at this time of year @ the S-curve experience. And as usual… We’ll focus on > yesterday’s ‘post newsletter’ topics/chats.

The > results timeline (Scroll past the table)

It’ll look different for everyone. But as a first time S-curve member. That’s the timeline that you’ll be shown. For ‘explanatory’ purposes. So let’s dig into what that looks like on that timeline, for fall season.

September – December

People usually get back into their ‘daily life’ routine at this time of year. So some decide that this is the time to get serious with all the things that they are currently failing at.

This is less of an issue for established S-curve members. Because as a member, you are taught things that change your life and body. And keep you that way, all year long!

But for new people who have failed year after year… This is a common time of year to get serious, with a > source that they trust!

It’s also a season that’s full of festivities. That of course means, a ton of food (Will talk about that in a sec). But it’s also when a lot of ‘seasonal spending’ happens.

We’re now an S-cure experience. So some now see all of what we do on here, as a gift to give themselves.

Back to ‘food’…

For several years now… Members/FitBuzzers (YOU) have been encouraged embrace the fall season binge. Because it’s a time of year when a lot of varied nutrients will pass through your lady guts.

Varied nutrients… Is another one of those ‘almost #1 reasons’ as to why you succeed, physically. Yes… You’ll eat a lot of D-F rated foods. But thats OK. Because…

#1 You’re enjoying yourself @ lifestyle phase shenanigans (So… So important)!

#2 ‘That kind’ of extra fat build up, will disappear within days/weeks, if you do gain any.

The ‘year on year’ fat build up, is what you have to worry about.

Explained… End.

It was in > this newsletter where I talked about the two types of videos that exist in S-curve world.

And today… We’re going to dig into some of the educational stuff that you’ll learn from those videos from ME.

As that’s what actually pushes your results forward. As that’s more of what you’ll see, as you advance through the program stages over 6-18 months/1-5 years.

Let’s go @ exercise stuff…

#1 Less generic squats and deadlifts?


I highlighted this earlier in the year. Which then lead to some email replies/FB messenger chats. It’s also what you would have seen mentioned, when you first signed up on the newsletter.

We do less, to prevent injuries. And… To go easy on your knees.

But the main reason why you won’t see them being performed in high numbers on any S-curve routine, is because those exercises create a bulky waist (Thighs too).

Which is what you don’t want. What you’ll want, is an S-curve waist like…

> This
> And this

#2 Increased range of motion

You’ll only usually know what this looks like, if you’re told so. That’s not something you’ll learn from the daily motivational videos @ yesterday’s newsletter.

But you need to know about it. Because doing these type of exercises, is what pushes your results over the edge.

Especially during a grind stage where you’re pushing for 60-100% S-curvish results.

Generic =
> Standing side-to-side leg lifts
Increased =
> Bent over at 90 degrees leg lifts – Go to 0.22 seconds on > yesterday’s vid… It’s that exercise. But bent
even further at the waist. Usually on an exercise ball or inclined bench. And then moving your leg outwards. Later progressing to ankle weight variations.

@ example.

Increased ROM simply means, pushing your muscles to their limits on every rep.

Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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