This is what a 12 month program looks like in 2019

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Buzzers… Humpday. And This is what a 12 month program looks like in 2019…

We’ve been doing this ish for a > decade now. And things have indeed changed and evolved during that time.

– Technology has evolved

– Peoples experience levels with technology… Has evolved (People revealing more who they really are, via their public social media posts)

I said that this would happen. 13 years ago. And here we are!

I personally didn’t need to ‘get ready’ for that change. I’ve been ready.

In fact… I make new predictions at the start of every new year. Long before shit starts to become a reality.

Like right now… It’s a good idea to get familiar with > blockchain shenanigans. Which many people knew, at the start of the year.

It’s not important to most people (At least at present). However… You need to be prepared, for when new technologies like that, impact the industries that you work in, or use in your day to day life.

We’re an S-curve experience now. We’re involved in…


– A specific type of ‘fitness’ (See > before and after pics + screen shot chats)

– Bikini/OOTD/OOTN attire, to complement everything within that type of ‘fitness’ –

– Travel-curvish

> Retail products that are used in conjunction with all the above


So the blockchain stuff will impact all of us in some way.

Now… There are 2 scenarios here…

#1 Being prepared and educated on using that technology.

For example

At airports… With the possibility of accessing your cash in cryptocurrency. Which means you don’t have to deal with exchange rate BS between different countries.

The banks, the money exchangers…

#2 Earning from this new technology (Kinda like how it was, when the internet started making waves circa 1997. Most people were using it for information/education. And the go-getters used it to create an income).

This relates to us, here in S-curve world. Especially since a lot of our followers are self employed or business owners And have been asking about creating extra income streams, during our 121 coaching chats).

And because ‘business’, has become more common, because of the increased popularity of the internet.

It’s a deep area to dig into. And it’s early days right now. And for those of you who that applies to. Go to > this page.

Those are the first two websites that you need to sign up on @ Binance/Coinbase. So… Bookmark, after you’ve signed up on them. And then make sure you get yourself inside our Messenger chats. On > My profile or the @fitbuzz Facebook page below…

This is what a 12 month program looks like in 2019


This is what a 12 month program looks like in 2019

We started offering this, in 2014. It evolved and became a ‘higher end’ program. Which costs more. But… The results that people achieved. Were better (See Victoria @ the end of > yesterday’s post).

– Faster

– Better educated

– Kept results for longer

– Happier

But it has changed in the past 12-18 months. Let’s dig and see what’s changed.


‘Hello’ short attention span era…

I don’t necessarily think that peoples attention spans are shorter.

What I do think. Is that people have less time for ‘meh’/mediocre content consumption.

And I get it. There’s only 24 hours in the day. We’re awake for approx 17 hours of them. We have to work. Spend time with certain people…

So for a lot of people. They want the best bang for their buck, of money. Or buck, of time. Both are valuable.

So… People ARE willing to spend a lot of time (And/Or money) on something. If it’s really worth the investment.

– The BEST friends

– The BEST lover

– The most important instant messenger chats (You’re not important if you’re getting ‘seen’ zoned)

– The BEST… Whatever…


Before and after @ S-curve formula 12 month plan

– Body image (Workout @ 20% focus and nutrition @ 80% focus) > S-curve… For men now too.

– Mindset + Mental game (Both of these fall into that 80% focus, where nutrition is)

Those are all the areas where you’ll see an improvement in your life. Within 12 months, when you decide to become a member.


We had a Lifestyle and Results phase.

– Lifestyle phase = Easy going, slower results… But still have ‘a life’.

– Results phase = Intense and fast results. Not very fun. And only lasts 30-45 days whenever someone starts this phase.

We would switch between the two, over a 12 month period. Because being on either one for too long… Isn’t a good thing for your overall results. ‘Balance’ is needed.


The concept still exists. But the model that we use, is different.


Option #1> Pay as you go

This is mostly for ‘successful’ past members… Who like to return for current day help.

Usually in the form of ‘therapy’ (Mindset and mental game fixing), 121 chats and a motivation boost.

Option #2Tailored Paypal payment links

Almost all new people start here. We decide what that initial plan should look like, after having a 121 chat, inside a messenger app.

Getting you started and learning about YOU, is ‘the’ most important thing!


So that’s typically what happens here. If it’s results that you’re after.

It’s all chopped and and a lot more specific now. However… You STIL have to do long term stuff. It’s the only way you’ll achieve why meaningful results. In ALL areas.

And it’s our job at that point. To guide you through what that process should look like… For YOU (It’s different for everyone).

Again… We decide what that looks like, as we work together. Whilst still using concepts like the results and lifestyle phase, within our plans.

A LIVE update member page and FB Messenger (Or other IM app) is all that’s needed.


This is what a 12 month program looks like in 2019


Option #3 – That Paypal link on the side bar… Under ‘where we live’.

That exists… To give everyone the opportunity, to get one of those member pages, for $10… Or for free (When you sign up on Binance/Coinbase).

It doesn’t matter what area you need help [email protected] mind/body.

The first update… Will start laying down the foundation, of what will start fixing you.


Doing this shit from anywhere in the world

That hasn’t changed much. But the technology that we’re doing all of this stuff on… Has.

Today… It’s all about

– Streaming

– FB and Instagram stories (Kinda kills and reverses today’s short attention span syndrome)

– Messenger chats

– Post notifications (Like the one that pops up at the top of this website @ say yes)

– LIVE broadcasts

All of that… Has simply enhanced what we was already doing together, as an S-curve member community.

It’s made it a lot easier… To help you succeed. Since we’re constantly connected.

To conclude

So… That’s how things are looking today on here. Everything that we do, is LIVE and in the moment. Which means that there aren’t going to be any dull moments.

The best thing you can do after reading this. Is head over to ‘where we live’… On the side bar over on the right. Follow and consume.


What’s trending today?

> Salycic acid

This is what a 12 month program looks like in 2019

Because of my own heart felt personal recommendation after using it for the past 4 years! That’s the one I used. The shit just worked on every skin problem that I ever had. But… There are different variations to use it in.

The one I used is Super Saiyin strong. You can even see the non-removable stain it left near the cap.

So… You need to take a look at the list (Click the image and link above). As you’ll probably find a variation that suits YOU best!

> Go epic pyjamas

Be that’s a consistent message within S-curve world.


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