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Buzzers… Sunday…

I’m currently having a good old movie-ish weekend. But not the cinema this time (Like Deadpool 2 on Wednesday this past week).

And I’m also catching up on TV shows… But in regards to the ‘kid’ in me @ the latest Transformers animated series from the past few years (Missed, due to ‘busyness’).

Tis the S-curve experience… (But why?)

Because every action that we take on here, is real. It’s from the soul.

– Embracing those > wine nights after a long week.

– Embracing a TC2.0 trip with your close people, because you’re all enjoying a happy moment in time @ inspired by… (Like me on > this trip… There’s loads more. But I can’t possibly post all of ‘mine’).

– Wanting to meet ME in person… After being an S-curve member for several years (A big one this… Even more so for ME… Especially since my role for the foreseeable future, will involve 121 coaching shenanigans. Since > I get you).

– Finally fitting into a pair of jeans, a dress, a swimsuit… Perfectly. I have a high metabolism. So I personally know what it feels like, when your body changes for your wardrobe. The good and bad changes.

Note: The S-curve physique is a unique feeling to have. Because you’ll have this > tiny waist. Which makes you feel like you’re under weight. But with an epic butt and upper torso… That’ll remind you, that you’re not.But whatever piece of clothing you are wearing at this time… Will look awesome on you, as you look into the mirror.

And it’s our job here… To make sure that your physique stays that way. Especially as a less active member.

Which is what stage 4 was designed for (You’ll experience all stages via the new > Pay as you go S-curve member model). The stage 1-4 process… IS the S-curve formula.

That will never change. It’ll only improve. 

However… The way that it’s presented to you might change. And that’s evident, with the current day Pay as you S-curve member model.

To conclude 

Even becoming an S-curve member… Is an action that you take, from an emotional feeling. It’s from the soul.

These newsletters might encourage you to become one (They’re supposed to).

But ultimately… It’s a decision that you make, that comes deep from within your soul. And that… Is the foundation of the S-curve experience.

Now where will you be taking YOUR next TC2.0 trip?

Oh… And > RECAPO.

Let’s look back at this past weeks events…


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– Failing sucks… Just be a winner so that you can start having fun, along side the rest of us.


– This is how to become an S-curve member (Complete guide).


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– Tis the S-curve experience… Because YOU said so.



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