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Buzzers… Monday…

This weekend was all about TV shows and movies for me.

– Smallfoot
– The Good Doctor
– A Simple Favor

Both movies are worth watching. And with TV shows. The first episode will usually have you hooked. The Good Doctor is no exception to that rule.


New message?

On your phone? Not from me… Unless you become an S-curve member. In which case. We’ll both see new messages on our devices, almost every single day, via FB Messenger.

The message I’m talking about today… Is the message that you continue to see here. That speaks to YOU. Which relates to the problems that you face.

And the more I speak with you. The more I learn about you. I simply listen… Organically. That’s why you’re constantly being sent to Messenger. So that we can ‘connect’.

A lot of the time… We’ll talk about ‘life’ stuff.

And what I find is… That it’s the stuff that happens in your daily life. That causes your fitness levels to fall off.

No one wants to be unfit and broken. And some people don’t even like ‘fitness’.

But everyone wants to look and feel great. And simply live a levelled up life.

That’s why the message that you see in S-curve world, evolves over time. Based on what happens in these conversations. Online and offline (And why it’s become an S-curve experience… Which started off as just an S-curve program).

And is the no.1 reason why I’m constantly out, meeting new people. From all walks of life.

Which is what you’ll see in albums > like this.

The messages that you see in S-curve world include…

#1 Fixing the butt

It’s the holy grail of all body parts. Which compliments other body parts, when it’s fixed. Like your waist, torso and > S-curve.

#2 Kill lower belly fat 

@ The problem that everyone faces. This is a nutrition, mindset and lifestyle fix. And it’s shocking, the number of people who get this wrong.

Long term followers end up starting on stage 3. But if you’re on the fence or are brand new here. Then Stage 1 is where folks usually go (> More buzz is where you’ll find them). Which is why it started trending in September. Since September 1st is like January 1st.

#3 Shred the arms

#4 Prevent boob shrinkage 

#5 Actually stick to a solid regime that gets results…

This is hard to do on your own. That’s what stage 3 is for. It requires a solid commitment from you and @fitbuzz. You start stage 3, because it helps you to commit… At the 2-3 week point, where most people quit.

Seriously though. That’s THE no.1 reason why stage 3 and prepaid gets thrown in your face, before any other option.

#6 Adding additional income streams to ones arsenal

(A lot of new small business owners in S-curve world).

And through us… You have > Buzzcoin and the S-curve member partner program (Becoming a member first… Is recommended).

There’s a big focus on both of these areas right now. And will continue to be… Long into 2019 and beyond.

To conclude

You can still reply to these emails. But almost everyone reads these and then heads over to Messenger to talk… On my FB profiles or the @fitbuzz FB page.

So keep doing that. Because it keeps the message of this newsletter. Relevant to YOU.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– ‘Coming up for air’ in > the Maldives.

– > Hemp whey – I haven’t talked about this in a while. This is one the items that will go on our new Amazon page. The one that I choose… Will of course be S-curve formula ingredient focused.

– As usual… We can take the S-curve workouts > anywhere.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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