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Buzzers… TGIF…

In S-curve world… #TGIF means cheat ‘nights’ and getting ready for TC2.0 weekends.

I personally embrace them to the max when they come around (This is > my ‘cheat snack’ from the last meal though).

But today… I’ll be geeking out, with the new > Jurassic World film. And a weekend full of the E3 event in

Vegas (A gamers paradise… Haven’t been a gamer in 8 years… So I’m bringing back one of my fave things

to do @ part time now though).

That’s all happening. But let’s dig into today’s headline shall we…

The perfect booty?

The other day… I talked about what it’s like to become 90-100% S-curvish. And how being so… Makes

everything in your life just ‘work better’.

And it does. It really does. Especially once you start living via elements of the S-curve experience.

But let me lay out a brief plan on how to get there…

#1 Make EVERYTHING perfect for the first month

– Every meal to be perfect @ nutrients + S-curve meal structure > supplements.

– Cheat snacks are fruit only… And eaten at breakfast until 6.00pm, only.

– Workout rest periods, reps and sets are perfect every time.

– Sleep length is perfect every single night.

That’s what a Results Phase looks like. It’s intense (Can still be fun). But the noticeable results and habits that are built = priceless!

#2 Do it again on month no.4 and one more time on month no.8.

#3 You’ll be a lot more relaxed with it, on the months in-between. 

Do that… And you’ll look like a perfect version of yourself, by month no.8.

I know. Because it’s what I did from March 2017 until the end of the that year.

Note: Yes… The S-curve formula is for men now too. Because the men have re-attached themselves to the

community on certain > @fitbuzz social profiles.

MY problem though…

Was > that I bulked up. Which felt great on my tall frame. But… My torso got too bulky (As you can see in

the pic). And there was too much lower back fat.

That’s not S-curvish. When fully clothed, you can ‘look it’ and can hide it. But naked, you can not.

The only reason I became like that. Is because I did a test for 8 months. To see how long I could go without the gym. And to just eat S-curvishly.

It works great. But you must get back to some (At least) mild activity @ working out, after a few months.

Because chances are… You’re going to start eating more than 40 grams of fat every day. And that sh*t adds up (And shows) over time.

So of course… The goal was to shrink the waist (A male version > of this) and to keep the upper body bulky

and V-shaped. Which is the ultimate goal for men (For women… It’s about the epic butt, visible collar bone and shredded arms).

Both are hard to achieve without a solid formula in place. A formula, that let’s you actually have a life whilst

achieving it.

And that’s what the above ‘brief plan’ will allow you to do.

It’s what I did. Along with other long term members last year. This year has been more > pay as you go

focused, in terms of the becoming S-curvish part of the experience.

Because it works hand in hand with how we actually live, within the S-curve experience.

I might be geeking out for the next 96 hours. But message on FB for anything you want. You’ll get a response via my own profile or the page.


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