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Buzzers… Wednesday…

It’s a new day… And everyday I’m learning new things about your current daily life shenanigans. It’s a priority ‘thing’ that happens on here. So that YOUR best program, can be put in front of you at all times @ live member page updates.Now let’s remind you of what the S-curve experience is @ verbally explained.

#1 Become S-curvish

The beginning, is all about physical and mental fixes. Usually around your work hours. Which was explained in > yesterday’s newsletter.

Tools required =

– A mobile device (For chats and videos)
– A workout mat at home

#2 Continue living this new lifestyle, within the way that you already live (The small changes and tweaks lead to big results all around).

#3 Embrace Travel-curvish 2.0 trips. Here’s > one place, if you live in southern parts of North America/Northern parts of South America @ a few hours away. Take a Friday and Monday off and make it a 4 day trip.

A simple verbal explanation that was. But > visually explained is better though. Just scroll through.

It’s kinda fudged up that it can be that simple right?

Well, thats what the S-curve formula is.

Which is a combo of…

– Software
– Using new technology
– Content, which is a direct result of ‘real world’ experience (And some ‘science’ that you cannot see)

I’m using it everyday. In fact… More guys/husbands are getting involved now too. Since we’ve been evolving into an ‘experience’ @ an awesome way to live your life.

– No more getting your body ready for events
– Happier people within your close network
– Better relationship with your other half

If you need help right now…

There’s a good chance that YOU are causing the problems. And you might not even realise it. As it sometimes takes ‘outside eyes’ for you to open your eyes to this fact.

Which is why I personally surround myself with different types of people on a weekly basis.

Give that a try @ the first blueprint tip of the day. Now let’s have some more…

S-curve Blueprint tips

#2 Cheat snacks… Don’t bulk buy and stack them in your kitchen. You’ll just end up eating them all in a day.

If you’re going to bulk buy sweet stuff. Make it fruits @ just don’t eat them 4-5 hours before going to sleep.

#3 Again… Have you looked and felt like s*** all year (Even though you’ve followed this newsletter?  Shame on you if so).

And if so… You need to be put through a ‘higher end’ experience. That’s what everyone has done before you. Especially in the past 12 months. And you’ve all seen it happen LIVE @ stage 3.

#4 On the flip side to that last tip… If you’re experienced, but are struggling to get back on track AND to surpass that. Then jump on stage 4. That was created for YOU.

#Fruits… There’s actually two types to eat on the new official foods list (On your member page).

The first type is apples, oranges, bananas, pears.
The second type is apricots, raisins, peaches and prunes.

#6 Your workouts… We all know that the Aphrodite Butt Building program is the best routine to be on to see ‘super’ growth.

But it’s a tough routine to go through, it’s not fun at all… And is best to be done on a results phase, with daily 121 coaching chats @ boosted motivation + injury prevention (No joke).

But… A temporary routine to go through, if times are busy. Is to simply do high reps and heavy

weight on the exercises that you do in your own standard workouts.

Which is what we did with the short splits routine this year (Which I’m personally still using everyday). Which is an alternative for doing the standard S-curve split routine(s) from the official routines.

Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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