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Buzzers… Wednesday…

Yup… That’s what the S-curve experience is. That is…

Everyday individuals like yourselves. Living an improved version of your daily life.

Today… We’re in the era of people scanning the lives of others, through social media. And like I said to Anita in 2013 (Hall of fame via Stage 3 page), when all of this social media stuff was kicking off…

The internet is the new TV.

And 5 years later… Here we are.

In business, it’s all about spotting waves, long before they happen. I saw this in 2005, when I ran online stores.

Back then. It was eBay and Paypal making noise.I was a final year student. And all of my peers and family members (Other than the ones involved)…  Thought the internet was going to get shut down. Because popularity/Hype is often followed by scams and people looking to take advantage of those who are ‘not in the know’.

And that’s what’s happening right now.

We saw it with the rise of bitcoin last year. And we’re seeing it at a heightened level via social media right now.

That is… Not all of those you follow. Are living the life that’s being portrayed.

And any awesome life that you see being portrayed. Usually has a team behind it. Making it all happen.

Even with me.

I show you my own S-curve experience lifestyle. Via FB stories and the new photo/video albums that I create.

Most of my days are busy, working with everyone that’s involved in S-curve world. But there’s also a lot of ‘come up for air’ moments too.

It’s all real. LIVE and in the moment.

And even with my current set up. There are indeed systems involved. That make it all happen. Namely technology driven systems.

To conclude…

This is just a reminder… That all of what you see here. Is real fudging life.

The only thing that might not be real on some posts you see. Are boobs. And I’ve already told you why @ many previous newsletters (Reply if you want to hear why).

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– For the > picnic (Scan the Pinterest feed)

– Results phase workouts = > Increased intensity

– This is still one of the > best places to travel to, in the entire world… If you go in September (Low season)

– The > humpday puzzle

Blueprint tips 

#1 TC2.0 – One reason why it’s favored, over typical travel trips. Is that you get to experience a lot in just 2-4 days. And to then come home and lap up the experiences you’ve just had.

Also… You get to maintain your S-curve routine. Since you’re only away for a few days.

Travelling for longer periods kills all of the above. So a big thumbs up for TC2.0. And hopefully… You’ve been scanning the @fitbuzz Instagram feed, to plan your next trip.

#2 Fruit rules – > Taken from the FB stories (It’s still up, if you want to see it).

#3 I myself, am using the S-curve formula that you’re being told to use.

And you’ll get to see this… By following my own FB stories on my profile. So start spying on those stories on the link below.


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#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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