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Buzzers… Sunday…

It’s true… It’s not. That is…

This weekend, isn’t a real TC2.0 weekend. As everyone typically takes this weekend off, for travels and shenanigans.

The whole point of making TC2.0 a ‘thing’. Is so that you get a gradual ‘injection’ of > ‘coming up for air’. That’s what keeps you mentally and physically S-curvish, for the long haul. Long after your first active 4-6 weeks as an S-curve member.

As we all know… 90-100% of people quit, after that time period. Unless you are a part of the crowd that has been S-curvishly fixed (At which point, you’d be embracing Stage 4 via the > Pay-as-you-go).

So even though most people are killing it this weekend @ TC2.0 ‘like’… Shenanigans. Understand that the real TC2.0 > rules, kick in once you get back to everyday life, at some point next week.

Let’s > RECAPO 


– Just ‘live’ @ S-curve experience.
– Blueprint tips.


– Adding new people into S-curve world daily, offline and online.
– Putting YOUR feelings first @ becoming a new member.
– Blueprint tips.


– Blueprint tips as an S-curve member (Nutrition).


– S-curve member stories (Re-visited).


– A whole entire week of ‘becoming S-curvish’ activity, lead to this specific newsletter.


-,The ‘vibes’ are sooo much nicer for all of us now @ the S-curve member experience.

– ‘This weekend’. And my movies so far are Red Sparrow, Cargo and Gringo @ relaxing. Almost all of you are taking the weekend off (Good). So only half of ‘work life’ is alive in S-curve world this weekend.


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